Tuesday, 31 May 2011

World Food Prices: Oh Dear, Auntie Beeb

Today the BBC went into full Cameron mode with a report of an Oxfam Report on doubling food prices by 2030. Half of the increase will be due to climate change. We're doomed and it's the West's fault so we can pay to sort it out, thank goodness. Give them your ****ing money as the Rt Hon Member for Witney said.

I couldn't find the report on the Oxfam website (why don't they introduce a paywall?) so checked the BBC's sister organ, the Guardian. Aha! The report will be published on Wednesday. Reading it, deep down I found this paragraph:

"A devastating combination of factors – climate change, depleting natural resources, a global scramble for land and water, the rush to turn food into biofuels, a growing global population, and changing diets – have created the conditions for an increase in deep poverty."

Sorry, I had to embolden that phrase hidden in plain sight. A growing global population as the UN predicts that population will grow by an average of 0.77% per year. World population could be between 7.4 - 8.6 billion by 2030. The European share of global population is on a declining trend to less than 6%.

So why won't the BBC mention the one or two billion extra mouths? Is it because it doesn't fit in with their agenda that "everything is the West's fault and we can pay and I saw real poverty in the three months I went to El Salvador to help build a school before going up to Oxbridge" ? As the Left/Greens discovered with climate change it's easy to make reasonable, comfortable westerners feel guilty and pick up the bill. They know that most money spent down south goes west as endemic corruption takes everyone's share and not much to encourage more donations gets done. Besides, the development- media complex is a booming industry with ambitions to overtake the military-industrial one.

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Thud said...

I have as many children as I can comfortably afford, if the third world wishes to bonk itself into starvation then it has bugger all to do with me.