Thursday, 5 May 2011


Blogging has been interrupted or delayed because of:

The Royal Wedding - lovely, let's have more of them

Osama Bin Laden - found, shot and hidden. I've never trusted Pakistan so I wasn't surprised that he was discovered up the road from the "Pakistani Sandhurst". He'd have been just as safe near the English Sandhurst unless he pissed off his neighbours or the Council Building Control with his building design. And why did Mr Evil, scion of the biggest Saudi Arabian construction company, apparently base the design on a Second World War RAF airfield watch office (control tower etc)without the Crittall-type windows? He obviously didn't employ an architect (they have them in Pakistan) as the quality of finish was abysmal - that rendering would never have got past Thud.  Did OBL have a liking for 1950's British war films? Did he relax by donning RAF battledress DSO, DFC ribbons (whistle attached to left collar), jamming a briar in the corner of his mouth and spending hours looking at the far horizon waiting for Ginger 's overdue crate to lumber over the airfield boundary for a crash landing? As Muzzies aren't keen on dogs, he wouldn't have a black Lab so ditch the Bomber Command re-enactment idea.
One thing that Obama and the Americans got wrong was not getting the story right and sticking to it before blurting out and changing details.   It reminds me of the raid to rescue the kidnapped Scottish aid worker from the Taliban. First of all a terrorist detonated his vest next to her and then it transpired that an inexperienced rescuer lobbed an unauthorised grenade. Obama should have said "We came, we killed him and you're next Colin, if you don't piss off out off Tripoli sharpish. Any questions? No? Good".

The lovely weather - excellent for getting out in the garden and catching up on jobs I'd been putting off.

The lovely weather - excellent opportunity for staying indoors and decorating. Why does moving furniture and books etc out and back in take almost as time as preparing the surfaces and painting (which can only be done accurately with my tongue sticking out,  so I've discovered)?

Sciatica - at least as much trouble as Libya. However, with proactive ibruprofen (according to instructions), hot and cold packs and stretches to exercise my piriformis muscle, the intermittent pain and numbness is receding. At its worst I felt that If I could botox that sciatic nerve I would and then it felt like kidney pain instead. I've discovered about Hanna Somatics so I'm trying their exercises. Anything to be able to get back to walking miles without the sudden hot needle pain going down the back of my leg. By the way, decorating and gardening are very helpful for me as is a determination to break through the pain wall - I never believed those games narcissists like Coe when they wibbled on about it but I experienced something like it.

Super-injunctions - the intermission has made me consider the pernicious evil of the super-injunction and the anti-democratic development of privacy law over freedom of speech and transparency by virtually unsackable judicial activists. Judicial activism had a part to play in apartheid-era South Africa when putting a legal spanner in laws was the most effective peaceful means available to remedy the democratic deficit. Our Judges and the placemen of the ECHR are causing a democratic deficit in England and action must be taken to restore the proper constitutional balance. That is an independent Parliament that can be voted out by the electorate that passes laws for the Courts to follow, just as they obey the precedents of the remaining Common Law. Judges aren't meant to be creative, just sober, wise and fair to all.


Thud said...

I can never understand how these third world types get concrete to decay so rapidly, even some of our less quality builds over the last 40 years don't look so shabby....and pakistan has nuclear missiles! doesn't bode well.

Brian said...

Indeed. I think P J O 'Rourke wrote that throughout the Soviet Union concrete was made with one of its ingredients missing.
If the diplomats want a usefuljob to do they ought to get the nuclear weapons and stolen technology back and transfer much of western Pakistan (the Pushtun majority areas) to Afghanistan in return for India ceding Kashmir. Problems solved.