Saturday, 21 May 2011

Round Down Not Round Pound

Bossy or "Big Society" Ministers are planning to announce a forced charity giving scheme called Round Pound. If a shop receipt or restaurant bill ends in 99p or 95p, an extra 5p or 1p will be added and this will go to charity. You will of course be able to decline and thereby mark yourself out in public as an uncaring skinflint.

A word to the wise, Westminster Village Idiots, charity has to be voluntary otherwise it is mugging with guilt. The last time something like this was done they called it Winterhilfswerk. It wasn't popular.

Inflation is currently at least 4.5%.  Non-MPs are worried about their jobs. Most people don't want to waste borrowed money on international aid let alone increase it by a third. If government wants people give more of their income to charity then they should be allowed to keep more of it  from the taxman.  A start towards that goal could be achieved by rounding off total salaries for ministers as below:

Prime Minister                                       £125k
Cabinet Minister                                    £100k
Minister of State                                     £ 90k
Parliamentary Under Secretary of State   £ 70k

(not including accommodation and travel perks).

Of course, they could choose to keep their present salaries, but then I would deduct the difference and use it to pay down the national debt.


James Higham said...

PUSS only gets 70K?

Brian said...

And a saucer of milk. :-)