Monday, 30 May 2011

Move Along - Nothing To See

Buried deep in the vaults of the BBC's news website is this report of a demonstration by a crowd of 200 militant Sikhs outside the Sikh Cultural Centre next door to the Gurdwara Guru Nanak Singh Sabha in Dudley who were objecting to meat and alcohol being served at a private party inside. It began peacefully, then the usual minority threw bricks, etc at the police and stormed the building causing criminal damage.

The Chief Inspector in charge of the police operation said,

"I would urge those responsible for the violence to hand themselves in to their local police station immediately or face officers arresting them at home in the very near future."

I am sure they will.

In 2004 this happened to the Birmingham Repertory Theatre after a misguided attempt to tick the diversity and inclusion boxes and encourage members of ethnic minorities to go to the theatre.

It appears that if certain groups are not listed as aggressive threats by the MSM their activities are reported quietly on the inside pages, but virtually anything by extremist Muslim groups (such as the Luton parade disruption by a couple of dozen weirdies) triggers a three minute hate by the Pavlov's dogs of the media/ocrity.

Let's have some balanced reporting because without acknowledging problems they can never be solved.

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