Saturday, 2 April 2011

Teaching Arabs The Wisdom Of Beaufoy's Verses

Libyan Rebels hosed off some Arab confetti at an A-10 Warthog and were surprised when 13 of them were killed and 7 injured by return fire. Why should they fire at an aircraft when NATO has established a No-Fly Zone for their protection?

The Beaufoy Verses, learned by heart by every responsible person handling a firearm, have never been translated into Arabic. The first verse, below, is the most important:

Never, never let you gun pointed be at anyone; that it may unloaded be matters not the least to me.

Young Johnny Simpson of the BBC said Arabs shooting off in an undisciplined fashion was a cultural thing that NATO has to learn. Er, no, it's the other way round you dhimmi moron. Arabs obviously use firearms to compensate for their inherent small penis anxiety.

Negligent discharge of a weapon is a cross-cultural offence and deserves severe punishment.

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