Sunday, 3 April 2011

Paypal And The EU

I received an email this morning from Paypal headed "We Noticed An Issue With Your Account".

 The email continued (with wider spacing than below):

"We need your help resolving an issue with your PayPal account.

What's the problem?

Please provide the necessary information by 18/05/2011. If we don't receive

the information in time, we are required by law to limit access to your
account. When PayPal limits an account, your funds may be held until we've

confirmed your identification as per the User Agreement".

Yeah, right spoof. So I forwarded it to . But I also opened my Paypal account. Jings! as Subrosa is wont to exclaim.  Text in a red-lined box repeated the request. Apparently, the catch-all "EU Regulations" (EU Regulations cause global warming) required me to provide additional information about my business status (individual, mind your own Barroso!) to combat money laundering, fraud and confirm my identity. No matter that I have had a Paypal account since 2002.

No matter that the EU's accounts are riddled with more holes than very high throughflow sieve or that they have not been signed off by auditors for the past sixteen consecutive years. I shall write to Muddy Barroso
and inform him that unless he supplies financial detail sufficient to convince the Court of Auditors that the EU isn't a money-laundering gang by 18/05/2011, I will limit access by his EU cult to my affairs. Isn't it time to ignore such time-wasters who wish to create their own version of Angria, Gondal, Gaaldine and Oceania with its equally childish flag?

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