Saturday, 23 April 2011

Fellow Travellers And The Space Traveller

What is it with the Establishment, especially the London Establishment? Just when I thought they had entered into a civil partnership with muzzie extremists they return to their first love and plan to install a zinc-resin copy of a Soviet-Era statue of Yuri Gagarin  just off the Mall. It's fifty years since the 5'2" pilot followed several trailblazing dogs and completed an orbit of the earth. Ignore the fact that Kruschev wanted to show the American public that the intercontinental missiles that launched Sputnik could now deliver bigger nuclear weapons on the continental US. Why is British Council money being wasted on the aggrandisement of a failed genocidal state that collapsed in a haze of vodka over twenty years ago. Apart from the Gulag, the Kalashnikov and male-female shot-putters, what did the USSR do for us? Why not an exhibition on  the successful Blue Streak and Black Arrow rockets and their cancellation by Establishment idiots?
Why not celebrate the British genius of Sir Frank Whittle properly? I can heartily recommend Robert Hardman's article and also the Whittle DVD. Admittedly, there is a statue of Sir Frank Whittle at the centre of the universe, which is right and proper,  but putting him on a plinth in Trafalgar Square would show Cockneys that 99% of Britain's inventors flourished outside The Great Wen. Indeed, I'm amazed that Londoners allowed the belated erection of a statue of the great New Zealand fighter leader Sir Keith Park in Waterloo Place off Haymarket, when he deserves a place of honour for saving London during the daylight Battle of Britain. The fact that the Luftwaffe subsequently blitzed the country almost at will at night is best forgotten.
And the reference to Fellow Travellers in the title? Perhaps they are more properly Useful Idiots. Either way, the statue of Yuri Gagarin is more suited to the campus of the National Space Centre in Leicester.


Thud said...

A statue of a dead commie...that will get the tourists flocking in droves, who thinks up this bollocks?

Brian said...

I'm waiting for a statue of Lavrentiy Beria outside White Lodge in Richmond Park (home of the Royal Ballet Lower School). But the Islington intelligentsia would ignore Beria's unsavoury traits in order to celebrate another Soviet hero.