Friday, 4 March 2011

Why Can't England Be Like Greenland?

Not the world's largest island that isn't a continent,  as that would require canalisation of our western and northern borders and an awfully large (785,363 sq.miles) extension around our coastline, but an amendment to our constitutional position (last) in the United Kingdom. The other home countries have a Parliament or Assemblies with devolved spending and legislative powers. England has the Westminster Parliament with only 533 of the 650 MPs representing English constituencies. 117 MPs from Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland can vote on matters affecting English people. Neither they nor the English MPs can vote on devolved matters in their countries. Memo to Tunisia, Egypt and Libya: this is "democracy".

What I propose is that England becomes an autonomous country within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The UK would retain control of foreign affairs, security, and financial policy but England would be able to secede from the European Union if a referendum willed it.The Barnett Formula would be replaced by a new system of equal support based on actual population figures, thus England would receive its fair 83% of public spending.


Jim Baxter said...

Better still, we could just get rid of the atrocious 'devolved' maladministrations in Edinburgh and Cardiff and set up something caled the UK.

I use Head and Shoulders, btw. I've tried other formulae to keep my scalp out of me soup but that stuff works the best.

Brian said...

Jim, But what would those surplus MSPs and AMs do out of the care system? There are not enough golf equipment sales to give them all jobs commensurate with their abilities.
It took me a couple of minutes to work out why you mentioned Head & Shoulders until Barnet Fair = Apples and Hair rhyming slang bobbed to the surface in my thinking bowl.
Is it March yet?