Monday, 28 March 2011

What Do They Teach In Schools These Days?

Watching the coverage of the Miliband March Against The Actual Increases In Public Expenditure But Changes Within Departmental Budgets And Yes We Would Have Smaller Cuts But They Wouldn't Cost Any Marchers Their Jobs on the BBC News Channel I spotted a red flag with a yellow hammer and sickle and the words Communist Party.
The Communist Party. Not the New Communist Party nor the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist), but they might have been there as well. Digressing, don't they believe in Unity Is Strength anymore?
The Communist Party. I am of the generation that remembers 9/11 as the evening the Berlin Wall began to be knocked down (for the benefit of youngsters, 1989, the same year that the last hosts of the Olympic Games murdered thousands of pro-democracy demonstrators in Tianmen Square, Beijing). That was the Communist Party of China that did that.
Are people so thick that the lessons of Hungary (1956), Czechoslovakia (1968), Poland (1981) have already been forgotten? No, make that the whole of the Soviet Union's history and the postwar history of Eastern Europe. March with BNP or EDL banners and the Pavlovian training kicks in to produce a three minute hate from the BBC. Spout extreme left wing nonsense or wear "ironic" CCCP clothing and you are right on and green and cuddly.
Someone once wrote in a history essay that those who forget the lessons of history are condemned to repeat them. That is not true of course, except for exams. However, I consider that the excellent work of the Holocaust Educational Trust in keeping alive the story of the shoa among schoolchildren ought to be copied in order to educate children about the equivalent evil of communism. Definitely something that Michael Gove should pick up and force past the barbwired minds of the teaching unions.

As a footnote, is anyone interested in a March Against Paying Interest To Overseas Owners Of UK Government Bonds That Costs £44 Billion A Year? £44 Billion? That's enough to send everyone to university free or care for our old people.

Update: A Good Thing - I don't reckon they read this blogpost though.

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