Monday, 7 March 2011

Roll On 22 May 2011!

These aren't religious nutters. I ought to tolerate their sincerely-held beliefs but I can't do so with a straight face. At least when scientists predict the end of the earth their estimates provide me with the necessary few billion years or so to finish everything without hurrying. And if I survive the sun's expansion across the solar system, I have a few more billion years to look forward to before entropy and a cold universe turns life into a wet Sunday in Aberystwyth.


Jim Baxter said...

I used to hope that the kind of tripe you refer to Brian would wither as knowledge advanced. How foolish that hope was. I wish I had an answer that gave hope for the advancement of pure reason (which must of course be 'critiqued'). Instead, all we can say is that, like the poor, fools will always be with us. We can only ignore them.

Brian said...

If these people are indeed right I feel sorry for the crowd pinning their hopes on the end of the current Mayan calendar in 2012.