Saturday, 19 March 2011

Operation Ellamy - What A Daft Name For A War

Ellamy. It sounds more like a Z list sleb's sprog or the subsequent chav copy name. Something to be put in those daft big wheeled buggy prams. Ellamy Hydrangea Smile Sleb. Sixteen years on, tattoos, TV chat show and Priory clinic holiday. They haven't got the right sort of people in the MoD codeword office anymore.
Remember the classic operations: Chastise, Overlord, Market Garden, Mincemeat.  What's wrong with Operation Hannibal or Payback?


Jim Baxter said...

It's quite true. You can't get the operations these days. My bowels are playing me up something rotten but can I get the operation? In the meantime, it's Operation Typhoon if I so much as think of a chicken barbarossa with poppadums.

Brian said...

I won't even mention the dreaded phal curry: turned my innards to red-hot gravy in minutes. Magma. Definitely a Johnny Cash.
Hope you feel better soon.

Jim Baxter said...

But you HAVE mentioned it. I had a phal once. It was no phal of mine come three in the morning I can tell you.

Excellent curry house in Edinburgh called the Kismot (sic) offers a 'killer'. Eat it all and you dine free. They make a lot of money that way, and good luck to them.