Tuesday, 1 March 2011

No-Fly Zone Is Still A Non-Starter

I hope Dave hasn't been emboldened by the success of the risky Hercules flights into Libya to rescue mainly British oil workers and a dog. Just imagine if the aircraft had suffered a puncture or if the accidental rebel groundfire had killed aircrew or brought the Hercules down. Result = propaganda opportunity for Gaddafi and £45 million hull loss. So whilst congratulating the efforts of the RAF and RN, my previous opinion holds firm.

What would a No-Fly Zone involve? Apart from the fighter aircraft required, AWACS aircraft would be needed to manage to battle area, tanker aircraft would be needed to refuel the fighters and AWACS. Add Combat Search and Rescue Helicopters and MV-22s in case a plane goes down and you have something about half the size of the RAF. It's not as if the African Union is in favour of doing anything.

Finally, don't start one job before you've finished the other. Contrary to the PC view, multi-tasking isn't efficient. For the benefit of the Cabinet: AFGHANISTAN and IRAQ.

Update: 3 March. Dutch helicopter crew from HMNLS Tromp captured at Sirte. Let's hope they're released soon.

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