Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Libya: A Necessary Intervention But Not A Worthwhile One.

Sometimes one has to do things that are not in one's best interests but which one's ethics make one do. The Libyan No Fly Zone is a case in point. Britain has no historic links with the country beyond the North African Campaign, a short term UN Mandate of Tripolitania (the western half) and the location of one of the penultimate time Britain set the world absolute speed record. Apart from that, Libyans are just the people who killed WPC Fletcher and blew up the Pan Am 747 over Locherbie. Let them kill each other and sort it out themselves would be the cold, logical response to the rebellion. After all, oil is just sticky black gunge until it's sold for folding money, which can then be exchanged for exploding stuff we make. Trade is amoral: so long as the price is right and contracts are observed, business is done.

However, I consider that the West has to set an example and help the underdog because our civilisation and ethical code is superior. The rebels cannot rely on the Arab League to help because "so long as the Arabs fight tribe against tribe, so long will they be a little people, a silly people, greedy, barbarous, and cruel." Arab policy and African policy is to side with the bloke with power and ignore right and wrong. The chap with power doles out money and weapons to his fellow tribesmen. Any problems can be blamed on the Iz-Ray-Eeelis or Whitey (from whom another dollop of misplaced guilt aid will be given). We have to help even if it means spending money we can scarcely afford on weapons and aircraft.

It's as if one was driving along a country road and saw a traveller's caravan on fire. One would naturally first call the fire brigade, but the human instinct to save another life would kick in as well. Imagine the only liquid one  had was a very nice case of claret  in the boot. Obviously, it would be preferable to process the claret through one's kidneys before dowsing the flames, but if the situation required it, the contents would go straight on the fire. One wouldn't expect gratitude for a good deed, indeed one might be berated for getting  involved, but the imperative of saving life trumps everything else. It's what makes our society the best. It's what makes the West the best. And if anyone disagrees, well, they can start paying the bills. And I hope that DfID will be picking up the tab for the NFZ, after all it is aid to foreigners.

Why isn't the intervention worthwhile? Quite simply, worthwhile wars in which Britain is involved are either self-defence or for the benefit of countries that speak English, play both cricket and rugby union and Canada. They are countries that help us in return.

Digressing slightly, the lessons of Tunisia and Egypt have been ignored by the Hamas terrorists. FFS, if they want to convince a democracy that they want a peaceful solution to the Palestinian question* then peaceful demonstrations works better than blowing a bus up or mortaring Israeli civillians.

Finally, one good thing about the Libyan NFZ is that if Gadaffi and his regime are toppled, then the disgusting stain of the conduct of the Blair-Brown-Salmond regimes' appeasement of the criminal will be cleansed from England's Colours.

*which ought to be: why don't they accept they lost the land in war just as their ancestors conquered it?

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