Monday, 28 March 2011

How To Tackle Violent "Anarchist" Demonstrators

Peaceful protest is a right that should remain available to everybody. Even, pace BBC and Police, the EDL whose demonstrations are such a drain on the public purse because rival fascists seek to prevent them by violent means.

However, when criminal damage or violent disorder takes place the right to protest is superseded by the necessity to keep the Queen's peace. I'm in favour of inserting the provisions of an updated Riot Act into the Public Order Act 1986, giving a Magistrate the power to order a hostile crowd to disperse peacefully within an hour by reading its proclamation.

If protestors refused, then they would be sprayed with water from water cannon. The Police could then arrest people who fluoresced under UV light.

Sentencing for public order offences ought to become more flexible and imaginative. How about withdrawal of student loan facilities?


Thud said...

when nobody repects the law or its officers then we have no law...somebody needs to do something, anything...hell give me a big stick and I'll wack the bastards.

Brian said...

That's what I mean by the Big Society ... there's more of us than that gang of scroungers and trustafarians.