Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Libya: No Fly Zone Is A Non-Starter

Lockheed EC-130J Commando Solo III

The ongoing revolution in Libya is a testament to the bravery of the Libyan people who are slowly, and at great cost to themselves, overthrowing the regime of the evil tyrant Gaddafi. Foreign mercenaries have been terrorising unarmed civilians and the Libyan Air Force has been ordered to bomb rebel areas. Wholesale killing of one's own people is a common activity in Arab dictatorships unfortunately, practised in Iraq, Egypt Syria and Jordon.

There are calls for NATO to declare a "No-Fly Zone" over Libya to protect the Libyan rebels. That would be a declaration of war and could lead to escalation of the current fighting in unforeseen ways both inside Libya and in neighbouring countries. What if Iran weighed in to help its new ally threatened by the imperialist West?

I suggest instead that the response of NATO and the United Nations should be passive. The aircraft at the top of this post is a Hercules modified to broadcast radio and television signals. It would be easy for the Wing that operates it to transit across the Atlantic from Pennsylvania to an Airbase in Southern Italy and then fly sorties in international airspace off the Libyan coast.
Specialists would begin the psyops cold-war by broadcast appeals to Libyan Airforce pilots to defect and then widen the message to the whole of Libya by relaying BBC World Service radio and TV. It may be happening already but I'm not saying anything.

I just hope that Libya can be sorted out quickly and with as little loss of life as possible.

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