Wednesday, 2 February 2011


I must admit that any interest in Egypt I have is primarily due to Egyptology. I'm of the generation that was amazed by the Tutankhamon exhibition at the British Museum, indeed I watch Channel 5 because of the preponderance of Pharoahonic programmes it broadcasts. And Neighbours. My interest in Egypt declines after Cleopatra and only rallies with the North African Campaign of 1940-43. The Egyptians sat that out, mostly. And I recall buying early Egyptian potatoes a few years ago. They were packed in exported and imported Irish peart because EU regulations prevented the importation of foreign soil that might harbour pests (Colorado beetles?).
As for the Egyptians and their governments, well the murderous antics of the Egyptian Auxilliary Police and fedeyeen terrorists from 1951 to 1954 in the Suez Canal Zone following the unilateral abrogation of the Anglo-Egyptian Alliance Treaty of 1936 speak for themselves. Nasser and Sadat were both pro-Nazi during WW2, Sadat being imprisoned. King Farouk (aka Fat Fucker)was as bad as any of the bedsheet and teatowel wearing royalty of the region and was also pro-Nazi, Egypt not declaring war on the Axis Powers until 1945. The nationalisation of the Suez Canal by Nasser in July 1956 was the icing on the cake. However, we are told that Egypt is a Good Thing because in the seventies it swapped taking Soviet aid for American and promised not to lose another war against Israel.
So, I don't care who is in charge of Egypt so long as the Suez Canal is unobstructed and the 80 million Egyptians stay at home and don't claim political asylum in my little country that, between 1882 and 1956, Egyptians didn't want any truck with. If only the BBC accepted that English people are only interested in pyramids and El-Alamein, they would save an awful lot of money by withdrawing their brigade of journalists from Tahrir Square or wherever. Who cares what "The Arab Street" thinks? The endless news from Egypt is becoming as boring and repetitive as that yawn-inducing Chilean mine rescue last year.


Jim Baxter said...

If the West stopped trying to control who governs in the Middle East then the people there might be less inclined to support groups that hate the West.

Propping up the Shah turned out well eh?

Brian said...

Jim, I agree. The rest of the world is full of attention-seekers who ought to be ignored for their own good. Or taught cricket, which is for everybody's good.
The exception to the rule is Canada where they play ice hockey instead. If non-cricketing people abroad were as polite and well-mannered as Canadians it might be worth meeting them on their own grounds.

Jim Baxter said...


The Canadians also curl. Sweeping away ice from the path of an aged stone shows basic concern for the welfare both of the elderly and the intellectually disadvantaged and generally encourages good citizenship.

Brian said...

Jim, It's Olympic Housekeeping. the Canadians show basic concern for the intellectually disadvataged by letting them govern themselves below the "49th parallel". * I hope 2012 has room for weeding, window cleaning and learing leaves from gutters.

* actually most Canucks live below the 49th parallel as well but that's what the border's called and Canadians wouldn't want to embarrass anyone by pointing out the error.

Thud said...

Just another islamc shit pile that festers on the ruins of a once great civilisation that it could never in a 1000 years emulate.

Brian said...

The beaches and dunes around Formby are better than anything Egypt has to offer.