Saturday, 22 January 2011


QI mentioned a 92 year old Japanese bloke who survived both the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bomb attacks and, it being a light entertainment programme, the guests made a few jokes about it. The bloke's family thought that was a bit ott so the Japanese Embassy complained and the BBC made a grovelling apology.
What The Fucking Fucketty Fuck! When the Japanese apologise for their war crimes and atrocities (or standard operating procedures) from the Nanking Massacres, through the Burma-Siam Railway prisoner genocide, etc, etc,etc, and actually pay reparations or compensation to convince the rest of the world they actually mean their apology (ie by using not words like "unfortunate episodes") then they can expected their thin skins and selective amnesia to be respected.


Jim Baxter said...

'We greatly regret it when we cause offence’ said the BBC.

They cause me offence every time I get the licence fee bill, every time I watch their crass news programmes, every time I see my money being spent on having a reporter and crew outside Westminster/The High Court etc. at 10 at night on a Sunday when the bloody places heve been shut since Friday shut, every time I see that atrocious buffoon Alan Davies etc etc etc.

Do they apologise to me? DTF.

Brian said...

Why do those reporters stand outside 10 Downing Street to give their "pieces to camera" and missing the rat on the doorstep when everyone knows they've been in the nearest pub getting the "line to take" from the spinmeisters? And talking of the Director of Communications vacancy, I hope it's filled soon because the suspense is "doing me head in" worse than the pauses on Strict ly Come D ancing.

Jim Baxter said...


Quite so. They make rubbish because they believe that they great majority of the public want rubbish and would rebel if they didn't get their rubbish. So when they jack up the licence fee (though not anymore) it is to make more rubbish to keep the public willing to pay the jacked up licence fee. I think there's a flaw in their thinking somewhere but I can't quite see what it is.

Yes. I'm losing sleep over that DoC thing too, especially in the daytime.

wv: jockie. Now now, no racist wv's please. I'm a Unionist.

Brian said...

The flaw in their thinking is that some programmes don't have Dara O'Briein in them.

I'm mainly a cheese and onionist and I don't like horse racing. Not since we've had need carpets fitted.

James Higham said...

Ignorance and lack of respect - that's all it is.

Jeremy Hartley said...

It's just like these feminists and these gays expecting respect.

People should know their place- nasty little slanty eyed nips!