Friday, 21 January 2011

Why Are We Treated Like Children By The NHS?

Spending on food and groceries in the UK in 2010 was £150.8 billion.

NHS spending was £119.81 billion.

The Health & Social Care Bill was published today. It aims to give GPs control over 80% of NHS spending in England (so MPs from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland shouldn't vote ion it if they have any respect). If the Bill becomes law all 151 Primary Care Trusts and Strategic Health Authorities will be disbanded and replaced by GP-run commissioning bodies, probably using many of the same staff made redundant from the PTCs and SHAs.

If taxpayers are allowed to spend £150.9 billion of our after tax earnings on food with only the Food Standards Agency and Council Environmental Health and Trading Standards Departments giving the lightest of assistance, shouldn't we also be able to decide for ourselves how to spend our smaller NHS budget? GPs are, after all the people from whom the Department of Health is considering removing the responsibility for ordering flu vaccines. In the Civil Service, looking after the stationery cupboard was a motivational task given to the dimmest of staff (I consider myself the exception), so if GPs can't manage to delegate that task properly why give them more work? I would prefer my GP to spend more time discussing my symptoms (one illness per appointment please) or me having the right to book myself an appointment with a consultant direct after an interweb Q&A. Put Mary Portas and Sir Gerry Robinson in charge!

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Jeremy Hartley said...

It's because of the Bilderburgers.