Thursday, 20 January 2011

Politician Fees

The House of Commons ought to become self-financing. I propose to charge all MPs a Politician Fee of up to £9,000 per annum in order parliament. The PF will only be repayable after the MP has retired or been beaten at an election and has a consultancy job/directorship with a bank, FTSE company, or firm of lawyers.
Politician Fees are fair because MPs build up a lucrative contacts list during their career that is unavailable to non-MPs. They will discourage people who view politics as an easy way to drink and party away five years at the voters' expense and by attracting only the most committed people who "want to make a positive difference" the number of ridiculous joke laws designed only give MPs something to debate on telly and vote on will be reduced.
MPs ask me what they are meant to live on during their parliament. Er, the Honourable Members should get a part-time job. there's twenty-three bars and restaurants in the Houses of Parlliament so plenty of nearby work available - it's not as though Australian and South Africam MPs will be on back-packing holidays all year. As the Member for West Bedfordshire and Tuscany was recently reported in Hansard as saying in his maiden speech, "Do you want that cola supersized, Sir?"

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