Thursday, 20 January 2011

Muslims and The Dinner Party Test

So, roast pork is off entirely, but I'm not having that halal meat, it's cruel. Vegetarian will suit everyone, then.
Best not put Mr & Mrs Uddin next to Mr & Mrs Herzogstein. How is Mrs Uddin going to manage the nut and brocolli casserole wearing a niqab?
Friday night's a no-no.


Thud said...

you should try serving some of my chinese in laws food for only God truly knows what it comprises.

Brian said...

I've heard the story about eating everything with four legs except a table and anything that flies except an aeroplane and anything in the sea except crabstix. Don't eat crabstix. Don't ever ask what's in them. It's a reasonable thing to do if animal protein is scarce and expensive. Just a generation ago tripe shops were popular and some people now, amazingly, won't eat faggots and gravy or liver and bacon or devilled kidneys or sweetbreads or pick at a vinegared trotter (careful the bristles don't stick in your teeth). Thanks Your Grace, I'm feeling hungry now.