Wednesday, 12 January 2011

How To Scare The Ignorocrats

Richard North wrote a splendid piece in the Mail on Sunday recently about politicians, councils and companies that don't give a damn about us. The politicians live in virtual gated communities of thought where opinions travel only one way, from them to us. How odd that Jack Shit spouts out about gangs ofAsian men grooming vulnerable white girls for prostitution and rape and the BBC follows his lead after years of three wise monkeying. Suddenly, it is permissable to speak truths, tamer versions of which cost Ray Honeyford his career nearly thirty years ago. They are Ignorocrats.
Today EON became the sixth energy supplier to anounce a price increase despite wholesale gas being cheaper than in 2008. But we have a competitive energy market in which suppliers are free to set approximately the same price as everyone else. As North wrote, it's called churn, because the customers that move to another supplier will be replaced by other dissatified customers from "competitors". Let's be honest, the only real competition in oligopoly markets like energy, telecomms, supermarkets, ie essentials, is the salary and benefits they offer to their nomenklatura at the top. Banks are the same, heads they win, tails you lose double. In fact the whole financial services industry is run for its benefit. How many dead-certs have they flogged that turn out to be also rans that struggle to pay out what you paid in (after deduction of their opaque charges)? They are Ignorocrats.
The "Honourable" Eric Ilsley MP today pleaded guilty to three charges of false accounting amounting to £14,000 of taxpayers money. How many of his, mainly thick admittedly, constituents earn that much a year? Yet he still sits in the Motherf****r of Parliaments claiming salary and expenses whilst his fellow members moan about filling out expenses claims instead of voting the scum out of the trough. They are Ignorocrats.
And when opinion polls are taken to assess what people really want: capital punishment for murder, proper immigration controls, leaving the EU, warm pensioner or windmills for speculators, if the answer isn't what the narrow centre-left wealthy elite agree with, it is condemned as "populist" or the rantings of Daily Mail readers. Of course, all the left's nonsense is reportly reverentially as if directly quoted from the koran.
When criminals want better conditions they riot and burn down their prisons. When Councils want to "save" money because of the "cuts"or spend it on their pet nonsense, they close down care homes for the elderly. Would pensioners get better treatment if they didn't go gentle into the night? The Ignorocrats are very selective in who they listen to.
It is no wonder that demonstrations turn violent or nutters attack politicians in these circustances. I do not condone violence, even the state sanctioned violence against the Countryside March, but people get frustrated when their opinions are ignored by the Ignorocrats living behind sound-proofed triple-glazing.
My suggestion to open the window peacefully is a simple one that doesn't require marching, which will only be countered by police violence and spun disfavourably by the media whores of the Ignorocrats, eg if one of the million marchers was a week late returning a library book twenty years ago then the other 999,999 will be branded as worse than the German burners of the University of Leuven library in 1914.
Instead, everyone stays indoors but signs up online or by post to pool their energy requirements so that energy brokers can be instructed buy the combined amount on the wholesale market much cheaper than the Ignorocrats deign to charge. Commercial users can do it already as this example illustrates. According to my energy bill I used 19,000 KWh of gas last year. That means if two and a half million conumers combine we can negotiate on equal terms with big users in the wholesale market.
And once the energy oligopoly is smashed, it will be time to move on to other sectors. The Co-operative or Mutual power of millions of individuals will scare the big companies. Controlling shares in banks could be acquired and the banks then broken up into smaller, less powerful, entities. Train tickets could be bought in bulk. Airports could be bought by passenger and airline mutual societies.Million Person on Ten Million Person groups could be set up to lobby the Ignorocrats in Parliament to act on single issues. They would not be like parties which bundle a set of policies together, some of which you might not agree with but accept on the majority is good enough principle. The power of the individual multiplied many times far exceeds the actual weakness of the faceless mass of people.
By taking charge in the ways described above, the individuals that make up our country wouldn't need to rely on the First, Second or Third Sectors to act on our behalf. There would be no need for a Big Society. We would be free. And the Ignorocrats fear that most of all.

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