Monday, 3 January 2011

How That Archers Episode Ought To Have Gone

I do hope Nigel Pargetter recovers from his fall off the roof of Lower Loxley - David "Mind The Gap" Archer should have slipped instead. "OOOooooh Deeeaaavid" as the annnoying Ruth Archer would say.

This is my scenario for a fitting 60th anniversary episode, Helen Archer is diagnosed with pre-eclampsia by Richard the Vicar's madwife daughter. An ambulance is called but icy, ungritted roads foil its arrival. Only non-drinking Hindu solicitor Usha Gupta can drive Helen Archer to Felpersham General. They exit like a pig with a gippy tummy only to meet Ruth Archer giving Pip Archer some driving practice coming the other way. Well, it's a good job that ambulance had been called earlier. Dum-de-dum-de-dum-de-dum....

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Thud said...

I'm in the dark on this having avoided the Archers during my time on earth but your script does sound promising.