Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Barack Obama Is A Lovely Chap Isn't He?

Barack Obama is a lovely chap and a true friend of Britain as this video shows (scroll in 2:42). Isn't amazing how a country goes from being Cheese-Eating Surrender Monkeys to "We don’t have a stronger friend and a stronger ally than Nicolas Sarkozy and the French people. We have cooperated over the last several years on dealing with a global economic crisis, dealing with the challenges of terrorism, dealing with a range of geopolitical issues from the Middle East to Iran to Afghanistan" in eight years by doing foutre-tout.
In order to avoid a visit from the POTUS's licenced thugs who read everything about Mr ultra-sensitive in order to protect democracy and free speech in the world, I will refrain from making public my views about the Ted Williams looky-likey that America elected. Let's hope the rumours about Yanks thinking irony describes a metallic finish is true.

PS I was recently looking into soldering techniques on Youtube. Only an Australian was able to correctly pronounce solder/soldering with an L istead of DD. Soddering? What's that? Practice on "mirror" and "squirrel" until you've elected a woman as Prez who isn't Sarah Palin or Hilary Clinton. You need someone sensible.


Jim Baxter said...


They have shady trees on the Champs-Élysées so that armies can invade in comfort.

Ha. they weren't so happy come January 1943, that same sixth army.

Brian said...

How is it that all around the world people are deeply dissatisfied with the people they elected? Admittedly, edited choice means that only a narrow range of candidates are presented to a narrowly worker/consumer-trained electorate. It's getting like Metropolis without the jokes.

Jim Baxter said...

Deeply dissastififed is what we do. Fritz was a a bLast. What's the matter with you? Look at the time. Try some extra jalapenos.

Listen, listen, this will cheer you up OK? Trust me. What do you think about leaf springs and cars with four-point built-in electric hyrdaulic jacking systems like the old Austin Princess?

Eh? Cars or what?

Brian said...
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Thud said...

The yanks do have a few decent up and coming pols, Christie,Pawlenty and Bachman to name but 3, all is not lost for our colonial cousins despite the efforts of the annointed one.

Brian said...

Thanks Thud, I'll google them and maybe report back. I just wish they could speak English - the Canadians manage it. Well, not the French Canadians.

Brian said...

Thud, I've had a look and reckon that my ideal President and Vice-President would be Michele Bachmann and Gabrielle Giffords on a cross-party commonsense ticket to bring America together, cos when America's united it's best for America and for the free world. And I hope that Ms Giffords' amazing recovery zooms along like her husband's Shuttle - she too has got the Right Stuff.