Wednesday, 21 December 2011


Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary has published a review of the Police's tactical responses to England's August Riots.

The headline idea is that arsonists could be shot dead to protect the lives of building occupants. Odd that Parliament decided off its own bat to stop capital punishment as a sentence for murder because of a few miscarriages of justice but the Police consider themselves capable of being judge, jury and executioner in the (literally) heat of the moment, without the opportunity of an appeal or petition to the Home Secretary.

If anyone deserves to be shot during a riot it is the senior police officers who allow public order to get out of hand and escalate by neglecting to swamp the miscreants with overwhelming force and speedy arrests. It is their job to organise timely reinforcements in the right places, not to attempt to establish a black-uniformed copy of the Army.

Another idea in the report is to use water cannons on rioters. Now that would be a practical solution to arson - perhaps such vehicles could be painted red for identification purposes and made available to fight ordinary fires when not needed to quell riots..

Monday, 19 December 2011

Aidan Burley MP

The boy's a fool and yet more proof that MPs are seldom honourable in practice. His ignorance of modern history despite the vast quantity of programmes on the Nazis available via Freeview, puts him in the same league of stupidity as Charlie "I didn't realise it was the Cenotaph I was swinging from" Gilmore. FFS, proper Tories like Airey Neave, murdered by certain Friends of Tony before the twerp was born, knew what the SS was like at first hand. The SS were guilty of war crimes and all SS officers ought to have been shot out of hand by the Allies to improve German society. Yet the scum responsible for the 1940 Wormhoudt Massacre of men of 2 bn, Royal Warwickshire Regiment and others, escaped scot-free.
Oddly, Burley does not reveal the subject of his Oxford degree, though Dave Cameron's First in History didn't prevent him making a howler about Britain being "Junior Partner" to America in 1940.
I've checked Burley's 2010 General Election majority - it was 3,195. I wonder how many of the 2,786 more recent occupants of this address submitted postal votes? I bet this constituent would have liked the cut of his jib.

What A Load Of Rubbish

Last week some Russian Navy vessels including the 65,000 tonne aircraft carrier Admiral Kutznetsov approached within 30 miles of the Scotch coastline in the Moray Firth without a by your leave to any of our 430 Admirals.
Because a Nimrod MRA4 was unavailable at nearby RAF Kinloss, due to scrapping and closure respectively, (whether an airworthy Nimrod would have been available anyway is a moot point), it was feared that an invasion was underway and so HMS York was ordered to steam up from the English Channel forthwith to see the naughty Russkies off (who could have mistaken Ross Shire on their charts for a home port) rather like HMS Cumberland's 34 hour marathon from refitting in the Falklands in order take part in the Battle of the River Plate. The naughty Russians were spotted chucking bin bags overboard but no action was taken for two reasons: the USN chucked bin Laden overboard in the Indian Ocean; the Environmental Protection Agency doesn't prosecute fly-tipping Travellers.
Why? The RAF could have sent a Typhoon to investigate and take photos, or a Hercules or the Andrew could have tasked a Merlin to circle the fleet. Or the Scottish Fisheries Protection Agency could have sent one of its four ships or two Cessna 406s based at Inverness Airport for a look around.
Instead, HMS York burnt thousands of gallons of fuel unnecessarily, just so a Royal Navy ship could be sunk if the Russians decided to make Wee Eck's day and give him independence from England at last.
Why can't sensible people take charge of defence and spend other people's money prudently?

Friday, 16 December 2011

What France Is Best At

The recent nonsense from various Froggies like Sarkozy and their central bank chairman about the British economy is as expected. They have a thousand years experience of picking fights with us and coming off worst.  The Entente Cordiale came about as a result of the Fashoda Incident when les Grenouilles realised, still smarting from the speedy rout of the Franco-Prussian War that it might be better to get les Anglais help them out should Germany march west again. As for the Crimean War of 1854-6, the frogs temporarily put aside thoughts of revanche pour Waterloo to in favour of protecting their trade and prestige in the Near East.

Which brings me to this recommendation for a Chritmas read: England's Last War Against France by Colin Smith. Unsurprisingly, the French Army and Navy fought harder against the British in Dakar, Madagascar, Lebanon, Syria and Anglo-American forces in Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia than they managed against les Boche in 1940.

I'll be re-reading Alastair Horne's classic To Lose A Battle for Christmas relief. I might just be able to get through the 736 pages quicker than the Panzers managed through northern France.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Ed Balls Is Worse Than Jeremy Clarkson

Because he has offended me personally and hasn't the courtesy to apologise.

I sent an email to Edward Michael Balls, Shadow Chancellor on 12 September. The text is below:

Dear Mr Balls,

During an interview with Matthew Amroliwala today  you used the phrase "that's the way to ensure there's not footdragging". and, seconds later "to make sure that we don't have footdragging".

I was born with hemiplegia which affected the left side of my body. It's meant that since I began walking, despite years of braces, casts and surgery, my left foot has dragged as I walk. My life has been made a misery due to comments made by cruel and unthinking idiots.

It's funny how people's reactions to me change when they meet me in person; one can sense them mentally knocking twenty or thirty IQ points off when I limp towards them.

Forty-six years of that leaves one with a justifiably short fuse so when an educated politician like you spouts a cliche like "footdragging" when you could use alternatives like procrastinating or shillyshallying, for example. I'm sure you are a big enough person not to kick this complaint into the long grass marked "So What?" so I await your immediate and sincere apology for the offence you have caused me and many others with a similar gait problem.



To date I have only received an automated reply asking for my address from the office of Balls. It makes me think that the boy doesn't care unless he's paid to.

Ed Balls, you have one last chance to make amends.

Friday, 25 November 2011

Bless The Daily Mail

I had to laugh at this story about a Derby University student who fell off a bed into a clothes horse and had to be rescued by firemen. Ignore the fact that she could have removed the airer herself if she had closed her mouth for a couple of seconds and turned her head 90 degrees, it's funny. Even funnier is the comment at 18:48 that the Daily Mail's student bashers missed.

The old Foreign Object Explanation joke familiar in many variations to anyone who's ever spoken to nurses. That and drunks appears to account for 90% of the workload in Casualty.

Friday, 18 November 2011

Will Septic Bladder Break The Ultimate Taboo?

And admit that footballers are overpaid. Why not have a one off 98% windfall tax on players and clubs to recalibrate wages and transfer fees? There should be a limit of £100,000 per team per season for television rights as well in order that Sky and licence fees are directed to film and drama production instead.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Christmas Temporary Job

Imagine you've just resigned after forty years in the Civil Service and don't feel like decorating the house and there's nothing to do in the garden. Loose Women isn't a possibility.

(with thanks to Leaders We Deserve blog)

Delivering the Christmas post is one option, but why not apply for an indoor job that involves sitting down instead?

(with thanks to Mellowes Adventure and Childcare Centre, Athboy County Meath - the place to see the real Santa!)

There's plenty of Elves to help manage the queues of children for you and, if the queue gets too long, then presumably  Health & Safety rules apply and you can wave them all through, promising that they'll get all the presents they want without asking if they've been good little boys and girls all year long.

Youth Unemployment In UK

So, for the first time ever,  over one million young people aged 16-24 are out of work in Britain.

Part of the cause of this is the freedom of movement for workers within the EEA. This allows people from the poorer member states of the EU etc to migrate to the richer economies where even the national minimum wage is often more than the rate for skilled workers back home. There is, of course, no reciprocity for British workers. And the UKBA and its predecessors has floundered for years over detecting and removing illegal alien workers.

Until the UK government states that its prime duty is to UK nationals and enacts legislation to allow affirmative action for Britons in job recruitment, then freeborn Britlish men and women will be playing uphill on their home turf. That is not fair and is wrong. Until there is only frictional unemployment in the UK, foreign nationals should not be given work permits.

The extremists of the free market will claim that if foreigners are willing to work for 5p and a handful of wet gravel a 36 hour day then so too should British people, otherwise they are uncompetitive and deserve to starve. That is nonsense as the race downwards defeats everyone's interests except those gits paying 50% income tax who claim they are the only hard workers (try doing a crap job without guaranteed hours, split shifts at minimum wage and then redefine hard work). Equally, extremist europhiles will claim that we are enriched by foreign workers and that British workers could go East for jobs if they had the skills and work ethic. So why do foreign workers migrate to Britain if the jobs and pay at home are great, my little cleggista?

But no party will put Britain first.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Still Think International Aid Is A Good Idea, Dave?

India has bought 139 Mil-17 helicopters (sort of a Russian Wasteland Merlin but much cheaper) for $2.345 billion since 2008.

So why the heck is money still taken from British pensioners to pay for DfID water pumps in cow muck thick Indian villages? If you like international aid so much why don't you and Andrew Mitchell and Tarquin an Rupert and Imogen and Samantha and Uncle Tome Cobbley and all who want to build school houses in their gap years so it looks good on the CV for the investment bank job that Daddy's friend has wangled for them pay for it all yourself? It's called charity, you smug git.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

That FIFA Poppy Ban

I'm not a footie fan by any means but if Johhny Foereigner in the shape of someone called Septic Bladder, so I've heard, says that England can't do something then I take the view that we will do it. He's Swiss, a nation famed for creating a safe home for gold and art looted from the rest of Europe by the Nazis. (Advice to foreigners: If you annoy us, don't ever let us sit down and have a cup of tea before we retaliate).

Well, if he says no poppies on footie shirts (how I remember the exquisite pointlessness of standing in studded boots on a cold, wet  and windy games field for the ball and a herd of players to race past every five minutes) then the UKBA should be instructed to don the marigolds every time he transits through a British airport.

(thanks to
He will remember us.

Update: After letters from Dave and Chopper Willy FIFA and FA have compromised on a poppy motif on a black armband. But Remembrance isn't about mourning, it's remembrance. Those Swiss bastards just don't understand anything except cuckoo clocks, triangular chocolate and hiding money for kleptocrats. The International Red Cross is the exception that proves the rule.

Friday, 4 November 2011

Greek Financial Crisis

Stavros and chums could start by turning the lights off to save money.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Open Letter To The Archbishop of Canterbury

Dear Rowan,

Here's the deal: I promise not to pitch my tent outside St Paul's Cathedral or in the lovely gardens of Lambeth Palace - having worked in Lambeth I understand why you need those high walls - so long as you make a few of my requests official Cof E policy. I accept that you and the Church hierachy are reasonable people who believe that everyone else behaves reasonably and fairly (something that the cynical flavours of religion know full well is a load of wibble, hence their relative successes by being nasty to opponents when necessary), which is why we both know you will be a pushover. Anyway, here's the portfolio of policies to begin with:

1   Sovereignty to be vested in the British people with government spending and legislation to be approved by binding referendums,

2    All EU Protection Money contributions to be diverted to investment in British industry and education to increase world competitiveness in preparation for EU collapse,

3    International Aid to be reduced to a sum matching private donations,

4     UK population to be capped at 55 million through labour market balancing and removal of illegal immigrants and asylum seekers who have entered the UK through safe third countries.

I'm sure we've got many more ideas to make Britain better so let's keep in touch.

I'm An Anti-Capitalist Too

I can't stand London, The Great Wen. I commuted to work there for two years and it was dirty and expensive. The root cause of nationalism and regional poverty in England is the economic and democratic deficiency caused by the recent centralisation of power in London. Return real power to the people at local government level and politicians and their apparachiks will have to earn the consent of the people instead of taking the tax cows for granted..

Monday, 24 October 2011

Cross Party Referendum Question

The leaders of the three institutional government parties have responded proactively to unfair calls of democratic deficit by proposing a referendum on the above question. A new system "EZeeVote" provides pre-printed voting slips for people's convenience.
If a majority approves the proposal the entire electorate will be granted free* Lasting Powers of Attorney for their health and welfare and financial and property matters (normally £130 each) to relieve them of the burden of making difficult decisions and allow them to concentrate on football, Strictly and X-Factor. In return, the NHS will nationalise transplantable organs and coiuncils will be able to billet asylum seekers and economic migrants in householders' surplus accommodation.

*Council Tax will be increased by £52 per year for ten years .

Ice Cream Varieties


Voter's Choice: Take it or leave it.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

As One Door Closes ...

Third column, second row. Click to enlarge. From the classified ads pages at the back of yesterday's Times Magazine. It must be someone else.

Just a query, did any of the Doctor's friend sit in when he was a GP?

Saturday, 15 October 2011

The Truth About The UK-US Special Relationship

Are we the Adam Werrity in this mythical menage a deux? The Yanks call our troops "The Borrowers" as a tribute to our world class logistics systems and their senior officers roll their eyes when ours condescendingly attempted to teach them the lessons of Malaya and Northern Ireland in order to lose heroically in Iraq and Afghanistan (the Dunkirk victory effect).  Recent news reports about American Secret Service Agents telling HMS Edinburgh to swing its Sea Dart and 4.5" turrets away from Ma Obama's hotel room in Cape Town have been misinterpreted as the paranoid Yanks throwing their weight around "We instructivate that you relocalise the non-friendly munitions projectoration apparatus away from the hotel e of FLOTUS, bud, huah, yeah, waah." Actually it was an ironic joke by the Yanks to see what was the most unnecessary thing they could get the Limeys to do so they could continue to claim to be Uncle Sam's Bestest Friend (Israel, actually, followed by any country that  helps America's national interest for the present).
Britain should declare 24 August as its Independence Day and stop and think about our national interests next time the POTUS asks for a big jump. We could, with the last ounce of our sovereignty, reply likewise.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Which Bin Do I Put MPs In?

(with thanks to Joolz, Wikipedia)

Nobody wants the remains of a two week-old Fox in their wheelie-bin. Huhnes are another tricky problem: will the binmen refuse to take them at all?  When I had to get rid of a Letwin recently, I made sure to cover it completely with loads of old letters in the paper, card milk bottle and tins bin. Once it's in the back of the dustcart out of sight, job done. That's the rule with MPs, if nobody sees it there's no rule broken.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Reasons For The English Riots

The England riots. Originally the BBC headlined them as UK Riots until complaints from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland that they were behaving themselves forced an edit.

I don't intend to analyse the causes of the riots: Theodore Dalrymple in The Australian has nailed them already.

However, perhaps the reason why Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish thugs haven't rioted this past week may have something to do with the evil Barnett Formula which over-allocates public expenditure to those constituent parts of the UK. It costs more to provide services there because population density is lower than in England so they get more money and England gets more cramped. Scotland has consistently received a 15-20% premium per capita over England or over £1,500 per annum despite it being the third richest region of the UK! Or is it something to do with the fact that those countries all have their own self-governments and more MPs per voter in the Westminster UK Parliament?

Now, I'm the first to concede that the rioters aren't the slightest bit bothered about the democratic process- their eleven years of State child-minding (if 1/3 are illiterate and innumerate on leaving formally, and believe me I met some thick thugs at the JobCentre, they haven't had an education), but the extra tax wonga appears to have bought the peace in more fortunate parts of the UK.

Boy Cameron's prescription to cure and mend sick and broken Britain is partially right. However, in addition, the scumocracy needs to take a hard look at itself and stop paying lottery winning salaries to itself for a start. Parliament and local councils must adopt a 180 degree culture change and re-learn that public service is a privilege and that their function is to serve the public and not impose their whims on a citizenry by force of law.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Credit Rating: United States of Americ+

I've always preferred Uncle Remus to Uncle Sam

Credit Rating Agency, Standard & Poor (not the best name for such an agency, IMHO), has downgraded US government credit rating from AAA to AA+ with a downward trend because of fears that the recently agreed deficit reducution measures are insuffient,

I blame Barack Ob+m@.  I'm afraid I won't have any sympathy for the United States until they reach the state they forced Britain into in late 1940, ie bankruptcy, all gold reserves gone and foreign assets sold to American buyers at fire sale prices in order to buy second-rate munitions to keep the war going until America had rearmed itself.

Monday, 25 July 2011

They Just Don't Get It Number 3,652

MPs call for energy doorstep mis-selling compensation.

Fair enough, the energy companies'  practice of hiring people on commission to pressure sell their products is a bad thing because 40% who change switch to a worse tariff. The practice of customer churn does nothing for the energy market, either for suppliers or consumers. Far better for all concerned are fixed or capped tariffs for two or three years. Consumers get reasonably priced energy and price stability and suppliers get profitable long-term customers.

Within a few minutes, price comparison websites can find the best tariffs dependent on one's usage found on bills. For people without interweb access, there should be a duty for suppliers to advise them of their most appropriate tariff.

The elephant in the room in this report is the politicians refusal to see any link with those works of fiction that appera every four or five years just before general elections, party manifestos. If they were subject to the same regulations as company prospectuses, many honourable members would be serving time. Remember back in 2008 when a UKIP member sued the government for breach of contract over Brown's failure to hold a referendum on the Euro Constitution/Treaty? Counsel for the government, ie them against us, said:

"A manifesto promise is incapable of giving rise to a legally binding contract with the electorate. It is a point which is so obvious that I don't want to labour it."

A quote which manages to encapsulate the innate arrogance of both lawyers and politicians.

But if politicians could be sued for breach of contract, HM Taxpayers would pay damages to themselves: unless some way of bankrupting party donors could be devised by the courts outside of the vested interest of the politicians. That would be a good day in court.

Monday, 18 July 2011

That Anglo-French Entente Cordiale Thingy

Brazil is about to build four conventional submarines and one nuclear hunter-killer in a Brazilian dockyard with French assistance.

That's the French with whom Britain has been getting ever closer defence-wise since the 1990's. The Royal Navy has no aircraft carrier in service at present and will rely on an unreliable French carrier, the  Charles de Gaulle to supplement the four Typhoons at RAF Port Stanley if the Falkland Islands are threatened by Argentina again.

Brazil supports Argentina's claim to the Falklands and won't allow British government ships to dock there.

From this we must conclude:

a)  France puts its interests first however much the gullible idiots who  holiday there pretend otherwise. Remember Concord(e)?;

b)  France will not make the Charles de Gaulle available if needed;

c)  The United States will not assist Britain this time;

d)  The UK cannot afford to run one or two aircraft carriers of its own to ptotect the property rights of 3,000 people who make no contribution to their own defence beyond the Falklands' TA.  Taxpayers' money is there to pay for international aid (the groundnut scheme again and again and again) or the interest on money borrowed to lend to failed eurozone countries not to keep our armed forces permanently equipped at wartime levels.

e)  Foreign policy and defence capability need to be realigned. If we can't afford to do it properly, we shouldn't do it. We have more horses than helicopters in the army and thus are very good at parades.

This is available to buy for about £6 million.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Fox Terrier?

TERRIER® wordmark is a registered trademark of the Secretary of State for Defence. So, if you capitalise a seven letter word for a type of working dog, you know who's Army will come around for the copyright fee for its tracked armoured combat engineer vehicle costing £300 million for sixty vehicles. In-service date is now 2013.

Why does a word need to be trademarked? Did Messerschmidt build a Me Spitfire? I reckon the MoD Procurement are worried that Farrow & Ball market a paint called Terrier and instead of sending something to dig gun pits in a faraway country, 20,000 litres of emulsion will be air-dropped from a C-17. Not a terribly good idea, unless Terrier paint is blood red. That would scare the bejabers out of the natives on the ground if the lids popped off.

BAE's Director of Corporate Responsibility said in 2006 "We all have a duty of care to ensure that from cradle to grave products are being used appropriately and do not do lasting harm." When a company that makes things designed to kill people better than its competitors says that with a straight face, I give in.

F***WIT® wordmark is offered gratis to the Rt Hon Dr Liam Fox.

Greater Spotted Woodpecker

I was finally able to photograph this visitor at 17:40 this afternoon. Seconds after this photo the wood pigeon jumped onto the birdbath and shooed the woodpecker away. I shall refill the fatball feeder tomorrow morning as I've seen the woodpecker on it several times. The problem is that the sparrow squadron eats like horses - four new inch. and a half fatballs on Tuesday morning were all gone by this morning. If they weren't so much fun, I'd begrudge their greediness.

BBC Journalists On 24 Hour Strike

The news programmes are better today.

Stop The World I Want To Get Off!

One moment the press are all pervy about Pippa Middleton allegedly not wearing knickers at her sister's wedding, the next they are hot and bothered about Brazillian knickers being a half-million (so that's how many a brazillian is) success story for M&S. I'm glad I don't buy newspapers anymore. Is the concentration on gossipy nonsense an indication of more women in editorial positions in the media or an assumption that their lip-moving "readers" are only interested in pap as the real news would scare them, make them take to the streets and .... stop buying!!!!! Aaaargh, turn the container ships around , religion, consumerism and greenism have failed, the drones are finally thinking for themselves. They will realise that those in charge are no better than them and, in many cases, much worse. Democracy rooted in debt and state violence is as tyrannical as the alternatives that have been invesnted to subjugate the majority to the will of the elites. Only when ordinary voters directly decide to, for example, borrow  more money to give to the IMF to lend out to other voters thereby making the money creating elites richer,will they be free and democratic.


Not Supermarine Swifts, but Swifts.

There's no better way to spend a warm summer evening than looking up at a flight of swifts wheeling high up, chasing after flies. They soar so gracefully with wings outstretched and then suddenly flap their wings to slow down or turn quickly in order to catch a fly. Wonderful.
And high above them, white airliners scratch contrails into the welkin.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Moustrap Update

Deepest Joy! It works!

The humane mousetrap that I wrote off as a mouse feeder or box for keeping real mousetraps in, worked last night .  On checking  it first thing this morning, I saw a little pinky-brown tail sticking out from under the left hand flap entrance.

He or she was bright-eyed and well fed and leapt out of the box to scurry into the long grass as soon as I opened it in the far Wildwood corner of our garden.

The capture is proof that woodmice read this blog as the conventional snaptraps I left out had not been even nibbled for nearly a week now.

Having rinsed out the trap in dilute Jeyes Fluid disinfectant, when dry and aired, I shall reset it with all the cunning of a carp angler (almost a much cunning as a carp) and hope to repeat the translocation success tomorrow.

Update: Another fieldmouse indeed took advantage of the free meal and subsequent awayday.

Monday, 11 July 2011

News Of The World Grassed Up Jesus

Shocking revelations are emerging that Judas Iscariot was not actually to blame for Jesus being arrested by Roman soldiers in the Garden of Gethsemane. Apparently, Jesus's prediction of betrayal at the Last Supper was hacked from the mobile scroll of the apostle Peter by a Pharisee working for the News of the World and was passed on to "sources close to" the same Jewish priests who had paid Judas thirty pieces of silver for the work. Allegedly, the owners of the News of the World wanted to gain influence with the Sanhedrin and become the dominant supplier of Torahs, icons and tryptichs in both the Middle East and the wider market because advertising revenue from town criers and prophets was in terminal decline .
Recent work by biblical scholars suggest that Judas actually killed himself after he discovered that his silver coins had been swapped by the apocryphal thirteenth disciple St Gordon, patron saint of mentals, for a basketful of euros and other worthless papyri.

The Wonderful World Of Beckham

They are callinf their newly arrived daughter Harper Seven. Odd, because she was born at five to eight.

Let's try to understand this. Harper may be in homage to Harper Lee who wrote To Kill A Mockingbird. But that's a book. Highly unlikely.  Seven? That was David Beckham's shirt number when he played for Manchester United and Ingerrlund. Will the next Beckham child be Truman Seeanay?

Sunday, 10 July 2011

A Question About The News Of The World Journalists

Firstly, I am one-seventh as concerned about their redundancy as I am for the 1,400 skilled engineering workers at Bombardier in Derby who will lose their jobs. But Wapping is in London and journalists have a high opinion of their insular little trade so the coverage overkill was to be expected.

The question that remains unanswered is this: of the two hundred hacks at the News of the World yesterday, only about three were there when the alleged phone hacking took place. Now, one went to prison, one went to work at No10 then resigned, and one has returned from holiday to run the whole business. So what happened to the possibly 197 other journalists? Did some know what was going on and, to quote David Jacobs "Where are they now?"

Is phone hacking continuing? Are private detectives still being paid to get information by any means possible? Why do amateur bloggers have to provide professional journalists with so many uncredited leads?

If journalists consider themselves a profession, then they must undergo deep and lengthy self-investigation to rediscover the reason why they do their jobs and to whom and what they owe loyalty. They will never produce anything as enduring as a railway carriage, but, properly done, their work may last longer than the next recycling collection.

Quote Of The Day

"Publish and be damned!"

Attributed to the Duke of Wellington when Harriet Wilson threatened to publish her autobiography and the letters he wrote to her.

More backbone than brylcreme in him, Dave. And all the other vain politicos wanting publicity are just as bad as you. Look, you are Her Majesty's Prime Minister and they are ginger scribblers and bullies who buy passports of convenience.

What I want is a press that scares government and big business and whose idea of in-depth investigative reporting isn't reading to the end of the press notice. If I want to learn about the doings of instantslebs the Beeb is good enough for that. An Entertainment Correspondent, FFS?

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Taking Stock

So let's tot all this up.

Over half our honourable members and noble lords were fiddling the parliamentary allowances system.

The News of the Screws was involved in stitutional phone hacking of just about everyone and Piss Moron was sacked for publishing fake torture photos. The other papers print press notices and Cheryl Cole.

Global warming means colder winters and higher fuel bills to pay for it.

The Metropolitan Police is having another go at investigating the phone-hacking thingy.  Perhaps they will ask for a Mulligan to go over "Cash for Dishonours" again.

Dave the PM says anyone who disagrees with £12 billion foreign aid is hard-hearted yet contracted pensions and care for the elderly in England can't be afforded out of taxation because we are living longer than is convenient for the Mrs Jellabys who only care about people they met on their gap year hols.

Phillip Hammond Transport Minister gives an order to the Hun thereby losing Derby 1,400 skilled jobs and blames the tender terms on the previous government. Grow a pair! Re-advertise the contract you twerp.

IDS plans to offshore DWP jobs to Bangalore to help indians called Fred practice their Hindglish on jobless British people with high blood pressure.

And I'm still angry about bailing out the bankers, going to war in Iraq on the basis of lies and flogging gold off dirt cheap.

Who the f**k are the grown-ups who left these tossers in charge of us? That's right, it's you and me.

Time for a People's Revolution. I want Peter Finch to say:

Isn't John Frost better than every politician around today?

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

MoD Loses Track Of £6.3 billion Assets

It's not lost, they are just "temporarily unsure of the exact position", a distinction anyone who has ever studied navigation appreciates.

The are two reasons for the discrepancy:

1   No major losses recently like Atlantic Conveyor in 1982 or COD Donnington the following year to blame missing kit on.

2    Camouflaging so much equipment. It stands to reason that it will get lost. Compare the two photos below:

Monday, 4 July 2011

Prince William P2 In Canadian Forces' Sea King Ditching Training

The Royal Canadian Navy acquired 41 Sikorsky CH-124 Sea Kings (as they became in 1968) in 1963 and due to government dithering the 28 survivors are still in service today with 12 Wing Air Command based at Shearwater. Thanks to the sterling efforts of ground engineers putting in 30 manhours of servicing for every flying hour, the old girls are still flying. Despite this, 40% of sorties are cancelled. To mitigate the risks involved in ditching due to engine failure (there's an awful lot of water in Canada), every year crews are trained how to ditch safely on the freshwater Morris Lake (to minimise corrosion). All gaps in the airframe are sealed with tape to prevent water ingress during the practice flights.

This is how it's done.

The BBC report of Prince William's ditching practice. That's him in the lefthand seat, helicopter captains sit on the right because that's how Igor Sikorsky originally laid out the cockpit of the WS-300 nearly seventy years ago.

Nicholas "Ginger" Witchell, the BBC Royal Reporter and Nessie expert, claimed that the Canadians were the only organisation to do Search and Rescue by alighting on the water. Presumably, the cabin door is opened to allow waves to roll in and capsize the aircraft. Nick, Nick, Nick, if the Sea King ends up in the drink, its crew need to be winched up by another helicopter. You may have got mixed up with the old Sikorsky Pelican operated by the US Coastguard that would land on came water if absolutely necessary.

The good news is that the CH-148 Cyclone will replace the Sea Kingas the Canadian Forces shipboard helicopter ( ie its equivalent of the FAA's Lynx and Merlin) in the near future. It's a pity that the Royal SAR pilot wasn't allowed a flight in a Canadian Forces CH-149 Cormorant aka AW101 Merlin. But given the undecided PFI or not PFI question of the RAF/FAA/MCA's own SAR Sea King/S-92/AW139 replacement scheduled for 2016 - Eurocopter EC225 or Sikorsky S-92 but not the AW101 Merlin, allowing the Duke of Cambridge to fly in a contending aircraft was probably vetoed for political reasons.

Sunday, 3 July 2011


We keep the garden bird food tubs in the shed and a couple of weeks ago the lid of the seed tub wasn't tightly resealed after refilling the bird feeders. This evidently tempted a harvest or wood mouse in through the ventilation gap between the walls and roof for a snack. My position on mice is: in the garden, "Hello Mickey" , but in the shed, garage or house "Exterminate".  The garden covers a much larger area than the house and the back of the borders are virtually undisturbed from year to year.  That's fair. Mice are nice to look at but they are incontinent, leave droppings, their hair smudges walls when they brush past (and mice like to stay close to walls) and they carry a nasty flu-like virus. So wear rubber gloves and disinfect surfaces well if handling them.

So to battle with my rodent foe. A rule of thumb is if one is caught there are two about, if two are caught in two days there's four etc. So I decided to invest in a humane mouse trap that could catch up to ten at a time. The PoW squeakers could then be released in a nature reserve a mile away or quickly neck-stretched.*

Here's the galvanised metal humane trap with clear plastic panel on the lid and ample ventilation holes. There are two entrances and mice walk up a pivoted flap into the bait area. When they put their feet on the flap to leave its outside end pushes up pushing up a metal door which prevents exit. The trap resets itself.

(Yes the shed is carpeted for insulation and also has net curtains for security)

Unfortunately, the mice didn't read the instructions or perhaps we have very clever mice in Coventry. Result is night after night of trap empty of bait and mice. It works with some mice but not others according to the reviews on Amazon. I will use it as a storage tin for my new traps.

So I bought three proper mouse traps from Ebay. Baited with slivers of fig roll (to stick well on the bait spike) they have caught two mice in one night.  I secure them on old ice cream carton lids so they don't spring around when triggered and also because it's easier to place them without accidently setting them off.  I shall continue setting them out in the shed against the wall along the mouse run until I have two free nights without catching anything. I'll be glad of that because I don't like killing them even when necessary.

Don't read  below if you don't want to know how to humanely despatch a mouse.

*To do that, quietly calmly quickly pick the mouse up by its tail with one gloved hand and gently grasp the mouse's head with the thumb and forefinger of your other hand, simultaneously pulling down and twisting slightly. The mouse's back legs will judder momentarily but it's already dead. Double-plastic bag it in and bin it straight away.

Thursday, 30 June 2011

EOn Maths - A Cunning Plan

I handle my parents' energy bills for them because they are not interweb savvy and the best deals are only available online. I take and upload monthly readings and search quarterly on price comparison websites for the best overall supplier using the previous twelve months consumption figures.
At the start of June this year, their current tariff, EOn dual fuel FixOnline v6, was coming to an end and massive price increases were predicted. A fixed or capped deal was the best option. So I found that the EON Age UKdual fuel fix offered the best value.
The latest quarterly bill pinged online on 25 June. As a result of the slightly higher price per unit and the end of the 19.8% online discount (someone put the decimal point in the wrong place there!), the annual estimated bill for the next year increased to about £1,200. So one would expect that the monthly direct debit would be about £100 or even less, given that the latest bill was only £.69 in debit and the next quarter would be another credit-builder. Autumn-Winter debits, Spring-Summer credits, result balance.
However, according to EOn, the monthly direct debit amount would increase to £115 from 2 August. When I did "Ten A Day" mental arithmetic before lessons started at school aged seven, 12 x 115 was 1,380.(Look no fingers!).  Therefore my parents would pay an extra £180 that would be refunded after the next Annual Review.
As I don't agree to forced loans at nil interest, I phone EON Customer Service to suggest a compromise amount of £95. In previous years, EOn have been very customer focused and have agreed more sensible direct debit amounts where necessary. Not so today: a "zero tolerance" scheme of no compromise had been put in place a month earlier. If the computer said No or £115, that was the only answer. That's the way to motivate high calibre staff in the call centre.  Apparently, the increase was for my parents' benefit so they wouldn't get into large amounts of debit  in winter. I explained that the idea of quarterly direct debits was to spread the cost over the year so that at the end of twelve months the account would be in balance. Not so, according to the EON rep who informed me that EOn wanted to set the direct debit so that the high demand quarters were always in balance. A bit like a quarterly bill then, you pay for what is actually consumed.

I asked if I could speak to somebody who could make a decision to overrule the computer. That was impossible; there were three options: accept the increase, change to higher price quarterly billing or find another supplier. ie Take It Or Leave It as they say in the adverts.  There's no such thing as customer loyalty in a market (this is the price) where churn or turnover of old and new customers is priced in.
Given no choice I accepted the revised direct debit with the proviso that I would demand immediate repayment of monthly balances after I uploaded meter readings. And then I checked the small print on the bill:

Now, I changed the tariff to Age UK Dual Fuel Fixed on 13 June 2011 and it turns out that the next Annual Review date is April 2012. So the number of months left is just about ten. That explains the crooked direct debit maths. £1,200 / 10ish = £115.
I bet there is a cunning finance acoountant scumoid rodent in EOn who was licking his lips when he came up with that plan to increase EON's cashflow and ensure that the two coldest quarters are paid off pdq. As I said to the EON minion, Heads you win, Tails I lose. Of course, the fact that my parents have bought electricity from EOn since it was Powergen and EMEB before privatisation counts for naught. Computer says new tariff started 13 June 2011 so calculations must start from then.

Update Saturday 2 July 2011: Reader, I transferred the dual fuel contract this morning to EDF Fixed to April 2014. My parents ought to save another £50 per year. Just keep checking your annual consumption figures (on every bill now) into USwitch every week to see if a better tariff turns up.

Update Wednesday 6 July 2011: Possible cartel behaviour to be investigated by Ofgem.

What's This Bird?

This was spotted in the birdbath this morning. Is it a juvenile Missel Thrush? I'm puzzled by the creamy white band from head to breast.

This Chinook I spotted near my house on 9 June is easy to recognise in comparison.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

The Bliar's Address Book Hacked

Might be interesting to know God's phone number. Daily Telegraph article.

We Can But Dream - Nimrod

I'm not going to rehash the Nimrod MRA4 saga except to say that the aircraft was flawed (but repairable, given an additional few layers of £50 notes epoxyed to the aiframes) and its lifetime costs unrealistic - which company would tool-up to support only nine aircraft for forty years and not think kerrr-chingggg!

The opportunity ought to have been taken in the 1990's to design and build an entirely new, purpose-designed aircraft for the roles required. If Portillo, the Defence Minister wot signed the contract, had taken an interest in aircraft instead of choo-choos, he would have known that every scheme cooked up by Air Force and manufacturers the world over to "modify" an existing type in order to save money, doesn't. Redesign leads to retooling leads to a creeping realisation that for an extra x lbs of airframe, y capabaility is possible. And of course, x lb airframe costs £ z000. The end result is about 95% different but which will still become obsolete at about the same time the manufacturer's order book tapers off.

My dream would have been to start with a clean sheet of paper or monitor screen. Add to that the requirements of the roles such as: full-spectrum sensor suite, long range, capacious weapons bay, roomy cabin for sensor operators and we have the beginnings of an aircraft.

But why bother with the conventional fuselage, wing and tail layout? Wouldn't a blended wing body design  offer more room, greater structural strength, less drag? Imagine the Avro Vulcan or Armstrong Whitworth AW52 and bring them sixty years up to date as something like the Boeing X-48.

Look at the internal volume offered by a blended wing aircraft:

(With acknowledgement to Flight International)

Plenty of space for even the Nimrod's famous old 48'6" long weapons bay ( because the underfuselage trough fairing fitted to streamline the nose mounted search radar to the rotation point where the rear fuselage tapers upwards was long enough, that's why) that usually carried two sets of Lindholme ASR gear and sometimes a mail pannier. How often Nimrods actually carried nine Stingray torpedoes and twenty-four Mark XI depth charges is moot and as they were only certified to carry four thousand-pounders during Operation Corporate, I wonder what the maximum 20,000lb payload would consist of.  As a long range bomber, the new aircraft could also accommodate Storm Shadows and Paveways internally with AAMs on external pylons for self defence.

One additional advantage of the BWB design would be that each crew member could be provided with an ejection seat with exit through roof hatches.

The aircraft structure would be composite and the engines, radars, ESM and avionics would be as per Nimrod MRA4.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

A Cunning Financial Plan

Nickie Clegg is parading a brilliant idea about the taxpayers' £64 billion stake in RBS and Lloyds Group banks. Basically, everyone on the electoral roll would get "free" shares that they could sell and get the difference between the selling price less stockbroker's commission and fixed floor prices which would be remitted to HMG. They could buy Liberal Democrat memberships or Spanish cucumber farms.

Popular Nickie (12%) said, "Psychologically it is immensely important that the British people feel they have not just been overlooked and ignored.

"Their money has been used to the tune of billions to keep the British banking system on a life-support machine and they have absolutely no say at all in what happens when normality is restored.

"I think, in a sense, as a society we are condemned to take an interest in our banking system."

Did I write brilliant idea? Sorry, I meant absolutely sterling crap! There's 46 million people on the electoral roll, many dead or living in Bangladesh or Nigeria. A computer system would have to be set up (there's £10 billion gone to IT contractors) to administer everything : it would become a quasi- national ID. 90% of the shares would be given to people who would prefer lager, fags or mobile top-ups. The "financial investment community" would be able to buy up the shares very cheaply from such folk with the offer of glittery things. Just like how our friendly Russion billionaires became billionaires.

A word in your shell-like, Nickie, the British people feel they have not just been overlooked and ignored because LibDem tossers like you are in a "government" dedicated to pissing our hard-earned cash away on the EU and foreign aid. We know that Labour spent too much and that cuts are necessary but the cuts proposed are of things that we the electorate think are worthwhile. Public libraries, armed forces not limited to "boots on the ground". We don't want to pay windmill taxes on our electricity and gas.

I suggest that the taxpayers' shareholdings in the banks are converted into a national endowment to fund the stupid Department for International Development. All dividends will be paid directly to it up to a capped limit of 0.7% of GDP. The Treasury will not need to borrow more money every year for DfID's budget and the foreign aid leeches will learn how their 4x4s are paid for.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Daily Mail Subs Having A Laugh?

Note the headline for the second story:  Bags of support (!)

snigger, snort. I'm sure it was inadvertent.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

International Aid Isn't Rocket Science

I thought the UK only gave aid to two developing countries with space programmes, India and Pakistan. It turns out that that millionaire Andrew Mitchell  MP's Department for International Development gives £250 million  per year to Nigeria. Nigeria spends about £25 million per annum on its space agency, NASRDA,  part of the Federal Ministry of Science, Technology (and soon to be Innovation). NASRDA was established in 1999 by Act of Parliament. In 2001 Nigeria adopted a National Space Policy.

The Agency is headquartered on Airport Road, Abuja and started with 15 post-graduate students sent in 2001 to Surrey Satellite Technology in Guildford for two years for training. In 2004 a contract was signed with China for the construction and launching of the £230 million NigComSat1 which sadly failed in late 2008. Still, a replacement NigComSat1R will be lauched from Russia later this year. In addition, NigeriaSat1 was launched in 2003 and will be replaced by NigeriaSat2 this year. Going into orbit at the same time is NigeriaSat-X, the first satellite designed and built by Nigerian scientists supervised by SSTL.

The BBC is in favour of the Nigerian Space Programme, of course.

£25 million per year in a country where 100 million people live on £1 a day. The actual budget proposed for 2011 is Naira 6, 383,991,333 and currently one gets about N250 to £1.  How one finds the actual amount is almost a space journey in itself. Here's the budget for 2011. At first glance it appears that only about £7 million is allocated to NASRDA Abuja  until one realises that there are six other branches as well.  And then NIGCOMSAT Ltd is also part of the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology. They're trying to cooperate.

The UK spends about £220 million per year on our space programme headquartered in Swindon. Nigeria hopes to put a Nigerian astronaut in orbit in 2015. So is this one that The Register reported  was stuck on Soyuz for fourteen years waiting for a return flight is a 419 scam?

One other thing that puzzles me: Why doesn't NASRDA have a interwebsite except this one? This one doesn't open.

Monday, 13 June 2011

A Myth Nailed

There was a 1942 Anglo-American Agreement that made the UK concentrate on producing military aircraft during the war while the US was able to continue building Douglas DC-3s, Douglas DC-4s and Lockheed Constellations and thereby dominate the postwar civil aviation industry.

Actually, an agreement was signed between General Arnold Chief of the USAAC and Air Chief Marshal Portal, Chief of the Air Staff on 13 January 1942 which allocated that year's American aircraft production of various categories between the two countries. This was repeated throughout the war by the Munitions Assignments Committee (Air) of the combined Munitions Assignments Board set up as a result of the Arcadia or First Washington Conference in Washington between 22 December 1941 and 14 January 1942.

The RAF opted to obtain specialised transport aircraft from America because nothing was available from the British aircraft industry. DC-2s ,3s and Lockheed 14 and 18s operated by British Airways and KLM, for example,had proved their superiority over contemporary British models before the war. The production lines for the Bristol Bombay and Handley-Page Harrow  bomber transports had closed as they were interim types ordered to train new entrants to the expanding aircraft industry.  De Havilland types were unsuited for anything except training and communications work. Former Imperial Airways types such as Short Empire flying boats, HP42s and A W Ensigns were as inadequate for military use as they had been for competitive airline operation, something highlighted by the 1938 Cadman Committee. A result of that Committee was the Fairey FC1 four-engined medium range landplane theprototype of which was never completed due to the war and poor workmanship. As the war progressed, obsolescent bombers like the Whitley, Wellington, Stirling and Albemarle were converted as stop-gap paratroop carriers and transports to make up for the shortage of DC-3/C-47 Dakotas.

Unfortunately, the realism of the Arnold-Portal Agreement only lasted until 23 December 1942 when the Brabazon Committee on post war civil aviation in the Empire was set up. As a result of its work specifications for no less than seven different aircraft types were issued to an industry with little experience of civil aircraft. Only the Vickers Viscount and de Havilland Dove were production successes. If only the Labour government had taken the opportunity in 1946 to nationalise and rationalise the aircraft and aero-engine industry which had been artificially expanded by wartime military contracts then the £tens of millions wasted on subsidies and dead-end development could have been concentrated on scarce dollars for DC-4s and Connies to equip BOAC with competitive types and more design and development funding for a smaller range of new types - just imagine if Avro and Handley-Page had been able to assist de Havillands with tthe Comet.
Photo thanks RuthAS

And more evidence for there being no Anglo-American agreement to prevent Britain building transport aircraft was the Avro York which first flew in July 1942 and was only produced in limited quantities to allow Avro to concentrate on building Lancasters (the best examples of which were constructed under sub-contract by Armstong Whitworth).

That Martin Bell Poem

Indifferent to the people's warning,
The parties headed for a fall,
Tory, Labour and Lib Dem,
At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
We will remember them,
But miss them not at all.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

UK To Pay £15 million to Spain For German Cucumber Error

Reason for leaving the EU number 2011: German food scientists claim the e-Coli could be due to Spanish cucumbers so Spanish vegetable market collapses. EU proposes £134 million compensation package to Spain, payable from EU funds not just Germany.As the UK contributes over 10% of the EU budget, that's Gute Nacht Wien to the equivalent of  about 15 hours worth of international aid spending. It's only borrowed money after all.

Royal Marines On Standby To Evacuate Stranded British Civilians From Yemen

Like it says on the tin, Per Mare, Per Terram.

Well, there's another Arab "country" gone down the pan because there is no such thing as a gold watch and retirement pension for Muslim leaders. They're either killed, exiled, jailed or, if they're really lucky, they die in office.

But what are British citizens still doing in that dreadful place after all the warnings? The UK did the best thing in 1967 by leaving the glorified coal bunker to its own tribal rivalries after avenging the murders by rogue South Arabian Army and local police of British soldiers on 20 June. Rogue local police, eh? Do our leaders ever learn?

Why don't we implement a new policy whereby we accept that British residents of the next Aidistan or Iedistan or wherever went there of their own free will and instead of sending in the Royal Marines or Royal Air Force to get them back to Tory-run Britain, the Department for International Development takes the lead in extracting the aid-workers, oil-drillers and daft wives of waiters. Sir John Major thinks international aid spending should make us proud so let's see how the offer of a women's chicken marketing cooperative fare againt qat crazed loons with AKMs and RPGs.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Non-Party Elections

I believe in universal suffrage, one person, one vote.

The advantage of universal suffrage is the wisdom of crowds which can produce a smarter answer than the smartest members of the crowds. In theory, by including roadsweepers and picker-packers (although ,f course, obs are not a foolproof indication of intelligence), a better House of Commons would be elected than if only picked by PPE graduates, lawyers, doctors and rocket scientists.

In practice elections are marred by the tribal politics of political parties. People don't necessarily vote  acording to their values and beliefs but because they dislike a particular party. In addition, people's opinions don't necessarily fit perfectly into the policy pigeonholes of parties.  It is quite possible for someone to be interventionist on foreign affairs and conservative on tax. Finally, political parties can promise one thing in their election manifestos but are under no obligation to fulfill their promise in power.

Instead, I propose that voters do not vote for candidates or parties at elections but express their opinions on a test paper like this one, for example. The actual questions would be prepared after consultation by the Eectoral Cmmission. Candidates, who could belong to political parties would take the same text.

The test paper ballot forms could be read electronical like multiple choice exam papers, probably with the same equipment for economy. The winning candidates would be those whose orientation most closely matched the overall orientations of their constituencies. This would encourage prospective parliamentary candidates to really get to know their constituents and tailor their message to them. Say constituency A  favours policy X: a candidate for party 1 would have to amend their party's policy Y to increase their chance of winning the seat. Other candidates for other seats might  find policy Z was the most popular. They could sit in the House of Commons according to their parties, but of course they would have to take into account their electors' opinions if they wanted to be re-elected. The pernicious power of the Party Whips would be weakened.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Referism- Multiple or Weighted Votes

I've posted before about Referism, Richard North's excellent idea to return power to the individual from the politicians. I'm in favour of it but .... today's post proposes a system of weighted votes intended to balance out the wishes of those who benefit from government expenditure in favour of those who pay most in.

Dr North proposes that voters would have up to ten votes, depending on their marital status, children, payment of income tax, business ownership, education, voluntary work, age etc. Presumably, this would ensure that proponents of big government, tax and spend, progressive taxation as a tool for economic redistribution would be dwarfed by small businessmen and women eager to pare away every last penny of public expenditure to the minimum. Unfortunately, I can think of at least a dozen people off the top of my head who would qualify for ten votes who depend solely on contract work from the Civil Service for their livelihoods. I, on the other hand, in my present circumstances, would be stuck with one vote. And I consider that government spending ought to be reduced and spent more wisely.

Better than giving extra votes is a requirement that prospective voters are able to demonstrate a basic understanding of public finances and the concept of difficult choices. A quick, thirty question multiple choice paper marked by computer would soon separate fiscal realists from Cameroon "I'm borrowing money for foreign aid 'cos of Sir Bob" on the one hand and "free market" capitalist skinflints who object to paying for streetlights they don't actually use on the other. The questions would be set at a commonsense level that anyone who kept abreast of current affairs could pass without preparation, but training courses in English, Welsh and BSL only plus internet pages would be available for those uncertain to brush up their civics. Better decisions are made when better information is available.

We would therefore retain the one-person-one-vote system demanded by the Chartists that works simply enough.  Adopting a multiple or weighted vote system would be too difficult for local authorities to administer (my annual registration form for the electoral roll was received but not inputted onto the system a few years ago, causing me to lose my right to vote in the Council election that year despite my circumstances being the same as the previous year when I was on the roll) and to open to gerrymandering, fraud and fixing. As Josef Stalin said "It's not how many votes that counts, it's who counts the votes."

Friday, 3 June 2011

No S**t, Sherlock!

According to the Daily Mail today:

"Sacked banker with 'bomb' strapped to his leg who sparked three-hour high street siege "had some kind of grudge""

No flowers and chocolate. Simples.

What next? "Hikers advised not to follow bears with loo rolls and newspapers in woods "for at least five minutes"?"

Q & A

Q: Is e-Coli a computer virus and can I catch it off the internet?

A: No and No. Wash your hands with soap and water.

Q: I've read that 70% of the patients infected with the new strain of e-Coli are female. Why was it initially assumed that cucumbers were the cause?

A: I blame Dr Google for the theory.  Search for women and vegetables. Not at work though. Wash your hands with soap and water. And apply strong mind bleach.

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Referism - FIFA

The current shennanigans involving the World Cups for 2018 and 2022 and its presidential election may not appear to have much to do with Referism.

There are 208 football federations belonging to FIFA and a majority of 75% of them is necessary to change the agenda, postpone the election and prevent the current President, Joseph S. Blatter from enjoying a walkover or whatever the footballing equivalent is. Not much chance therefore of the subscription-paying federations having any influence.

However, it appears that several "tier 1" sponsors such as Adidas, Coca-Cola, Emirates and Visa are expressing their concern at bribery allegations and the damage that the affair may be causing them because brand association is a two-way street. As these concerns have voluntary and folding votes in the matter, ie £ hundreds of millions in sponsorship annually, it will be interesting if a backroom deal is concocted by the Gnomes of Zurich to give the former President of the World Society of Friends of Suspenders a golden parachute after a decent (long enough for people to forget why, so three months)  interval. Just think how many people will have made the decision in those companies to voice their concern, probably well under a hundred, yet they can multiply the power of their views to exceed those of millions of footie fans.

The point is that the ability to freely withhold money equals real power that no amount of "votes" can equal. £ and $ are the oxygen of business and government . Thus we individuals must seize from Parliament the right to authorise the Supply Process which opens the tap of public spending. We are no threat while the people who borrow money to give away abroad can gaol us for refusing to pay. Only when they can have their pay stopped if we choose will they listen.

Click on Referism for more information.

Lord Taylor of Warwick

12 months in jail, ie three months inside, for £11k fiddled. Will he lose his peerage or will he go back to claiming £300 per day? The precedent of Lord Kagan in 1980 who went back to the Lords within six months of completing a ten month sentence, bodes ill. At least the Representation of the People Act 1983 disqualifies Members of House of Commons  jailed for 12 months or longer. The Life Peerages Act 1958 assumes that peers are honest, decent people. As a consequence, the only way to strip a peer of his title is by passing an act of attainder (last done in 1917 against lords fighting for the Hun).

World Food Prices: Oh Dear, Auntie Beeb

Today the BBC went into full Cameron mode with a report of an Oxfam Report on doubling food prices by 2030. Half of the increase will be due to climate change. We're doomed and it's the West's fault so we can pay to sort it out, thank goodness. Give them your ****ing money as the Rt Hon Member for Witney said.

I couldn't find the report on the Oxfam website (why don't they introduce a paywall?) so checked the BBC's sister organ, the Guardian. Aha! The report will be published on Wednesday. Reading it, deep down I found this paragraph:

"A devastating combination of factors – climate change, depleting natural resources, a global scramble for land and water, the rush to turn food into biofuels, a growing global population, and changing diets – have created the conditions for an increase in deep poverty."

Sorry, I had to embolden that phrase hidden in plain sight. A growing global population as the UN predicts that population will grow by an average of 0.77% per year. World population could be between 7.4 - 8.6 billion by 2030. The European share of global population is on a declining trend to less than 6%.

So why won't the BBC mention the one or two billion extra mouths? Is it because it doesn't fit in with their agenda that "everything is the West's fault and we can pay and I saw real poverty in the three months I went to El Salvador to help build a school before going up to Oxbridge" ? As the Left/Greens discovered with climate change it's easy to make reasonable, comfortable westerners feel guilty and pick up the bill. They know that most money spent down south goes west as endemic corruption takes everyone's share and not much to encourage more donations gets done. Besides, the development- media complex is a booming industry with ambitions to overtake the military-industrial one.

Monday, 30 May 2011

Move Along - Nothing To See

Buried deep in the vaults of the BBC's news website is this report of a demonstration by a crowd of 200 militant Sikhs outside the Sikh Cultural Centre next door to the Gurdwara Guru Nanak Singh Sabha in Dudley who were objecting to meat and alcohol being served at a private party inside. It began peacefully, then the usual minority threw bricks, etc at the police and stormed the building causing criminal damage.

The Chief Inspector in charge of the police operation said,

"I would urge those responsible for the violence to hand themselves in to their local police station immediately or face officers arresting them at home in the very near future."

I am sure they will.

In 2004 this happened to the Birmingham Repertory Theatre after a misguided attempt to tick the diversity and inclusion boxes and encourage members of ethnic minorities to go to the theatre.

It appears that if certain groups are not listed as aggressive threats by the MSM their activities are reported quietly on the inside pages, but virtually anything by extremist Muslim groups (such as the Luton parade disruption by a couple of dozen weirdies) triggers a three minute hate by the Pavlov's dogs of the media/ocrity.

Let's have some balanced reporting because without acknowledging problems they can never be solved.