Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Don't Tell Me We Live In A Democracy

Isn't it wonderful that someone can become an MP eight years after their first attempt with fewer votes yet a higher proportion of the total vote? Three cheers for voter apathy and constituency boundaries.
The fairest solution would be a bicameral system with one chamber elected on a constituency first past the post basis and the second elected on a national proportional represention basis with party lists.
Or have a one man one vote system (it's Gordon Brown who has the only vote) like we have now. Except I'm the dictator. Where do I start?

Video of Cabinet Meeting?

I wouldn't mind if they confined their aggression to themselves.

Monday, 22 February 2010

Big Clunking Fist

On 15 November 2006 Tony Blair, speaking in the House of Commons said:
"The next election will be a flyweight versus a heavyweight. However much the right hon. Gentleman (David Cameron) may dance around the ring beforehand, at some point, he will come within the reach of a big clunking fist."
The term 'big clunking fist' was taken as a reference to Brown. I don't recall Gordon Brown disassociating himself from this comment at the time. He was hoping to replace Tony Blair as Prime Minister at the time. Possibly the then Chancellor was still very sensitive about his masculinity, after all Sue Lawley didn't ask other guests on Desert Island Discs whether they were gay, and didn't mind a bit of macho cred. Besides, he was allegedly rather upset by comments made by Peter Mandelson about him. I have no doubts about Mr Brown's preferences as he married Sarah Macaulay in 2000.
But why should the man who didn't mind being referred to as a Big Clunking Fist when it suited him suddenly tell Channel 4 that he had never hit anybody in his life? Oh yes, another report of temper tantrums and violence in the Number 10 office from Andrew Rawnsley in the Observer. It may be the straw that breaks the camel's back. (An unfortunate phrase in this context, I agree). Quite apart from the fact that Labour doesn't do honesty, least of all three months before a General Election, the comment that convinced me of the veracity of the allegations came from Lord Mandelvort:
"He said the book showed a "man who is quite emotional, who is quite passionate in what he believes and is doing ... who gets angry but chiefly with himself, who doesn't bully people".
"He said Mr Brown was "very demanding of people, he's demanding of himself... He knows what he wants to do, he does not like taking no for an answer from anyone.
"On the way yes, there is a degree of impatience about the man, but what would you like? Some sort of shrinking violet at the helm when we are going through such stormy waters?" "
We have all endured people at work who can be described like that. Sometimes we have the satisfaction of reading their obituaries and spotting telltale phrases like "didn't suffer fools gladly" or "set high standards for himself and those around him." In other words a King Canute.
Finally, after thirteen years of misgovernment (see Jeff Randall's excellent column), for someone to have the gall to say in all seriousness:
"take a second look at us and take a long, hard look at them, .... I know that Labour hasn't done everything right and I know, really I know, I'm not perfect, "
indicates that all those amateur psychological profiles of the man have at least a grain of truth in them. I hope not because he is still the Prime Minister until David Cameron and the rest of the Tories pull their fingers out and campaign Nulab into history. They must not fail.

Friday, 19 February 2010

ID Cards Are A Really Good Idea

Until someone forges them.

Global Warming: Irrefutable Proof

This photo of part of the gardens of Gallimaufry Towers in the heart of the English Midlands taken this afternoon shows that the glacier has retreated past the birdbath on the lawn. I'm giving all my money to the IPCC to enable over-population in the Third World. Isn't it odd how everyone knows about Nigerian 419 scams yet all the big British parties have signed up to carbon trading and reduction?

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

What Is Point?

Indeed. To use the phraseology of the Bangladeshi waiter at the Indian restaurant I frequented in Manchester, "What is point of £135.7m annual British Aid to Bangladesh?" Helping very poor people in an overpopulated, geographically cursed muddy-streak of an artificial, unsustainable country you might say. Well I read this today on Defence Industry Daily. How wonderful that a country with a per capita income of US $1870 spends $1billion per year on defence and is intending to buy fighter jets and maritime patrol aircraft. FFS, DFID blethers on about "climate change" being a great threat to the wretched country. What is point?

Sunday, 7 February 2010

IPCC Issues Revised Report

Extrapolating from important new evidence of an acorn falling on respected climate scientist Chicken Licken's head, the IPCC comes to the consensus conclusion of every scientist wanting further funding that The Sky Is Falling (probably by 2012). Anybody who disagrees is mad, criminal and evil.

Click here for a link to Amazon where you may buy the excellent storytale with lovely pictures untainted by any actual connection with this scare story or the IPCC.

The Iraq Inquiry: Rt Hon John Prescott MP

Isn't it odd that the Deputy Prime Minister from 2 May 1997 to 27 June 2007 and Deputy Leader of the Labour Party from 21 July 1994 to 24 June 2007 has not yet given evidence to the Chilcott Inquiry? Is he scheduled to? If Tony Blair had fallen under a bus his Deputy would have taken over until the appointment of a permanent successor. The Deputy would therefore be routinely copied into all important minutes and discussions. Instead it appears that John Prescott was out of the loop - perhaps Tony Blair was worried that John "being John" might fly out to Baghdad and attempt to deck Saddam before the war started and so put him in charge of the biscuits for meetings.
Is a new book, provisionally titled Iraq: I Knew Buggerall , being ghost-written as I write?
Update 27 July The Lord Prescott will attend the inquiry on Friday morning 30 July. I will listen to his testimony with bated breath.
Update 30 July The Lord Prescott had doubts about the intelligence but he didn't know enough to understand it properly so he let it pass. Never agree to anything you don't understand, Mr Pies, as you're probably being sold a timeshare villa. Still, the cost of the Deputy PM's ignorance is only other peoples's lives and money, so that's ok.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Climate Change On Pluto

According to this BBC report of NASA's recent findings from its Hubble space telescope, Pluto the dwarf planet is undergoing seasonal changes (Pluto has a 248 year long year) causing its north pole to melt and south pole to freeze. Mysteriously, the change is not due to plant food (CO2) produced by British coal-fired power stations but instead to IR radiation from the sun breaking up frozen methane. Why can't it be global warming /climate change?*

Slightly off topic, why hasn't the brilliant Dr Richard North of EURefendum been cheered to the rafters for his pivotal role in publicising Climategate, Glaciergate and Pachygate? The MSM, when they eventually woke up to the scandals, first claimed the stories as their own (because only journalists can find out news) but then began to fete other equally deserving bloggers but omitted "Not D.". He deserves to be honoured for this success alone, but North also highlighted the deficiencies of Army kit in Afghanistan years before the bandwagon started rolling. And all that on top of exposing the wickedness of the EU.

Off topic again why doesn't David Cameron double his shaky opinion poll lead by copying some of the policies of the Liberal Party of Australia? Sometimes I wonder if the Shadow Cabinet want to lose so they can make money from carbon offset trading and state subsidised green tech companies to make up for the lost opportunities from parliamentary expenses.

*Apparently, climate change requires the secondary movement of large quantities of money in a West-East and North-South direction.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Apparently Carbon Trading Saves Polar Bears

I enjoy surfing the interweb and then drilling down because one finds unexpected little nuggets of truth and insight that help illuminate my darkand miserable world. For example just by looking on the Guardian website, I found this article about Ed Miliband, son of the late millionaire Marxist Ralph Miliband. I then found this article with an interesting quote from James Lovelock about carbon trading. And then I came upon this report.
Isn't it depressing that with all the alleged opportunities for money to be made by green technology I can't find a report of wind turbines being stolen to order? It would appear that the sine qua non of every green energy business plan is subsidy. I would feel happier about the whole industry if the people behind these schemes weren't millionaires.