Wednesday, 22 December 2010


St Vince Cable, legend on his own dancefloor, appears to to have shot his mouth off before engaging brain and kicked his career in the knackers. By researching weaknesses in Libdem MPs, ie the majority like pretty young women taking an interest in what they say, two Telegraph totties embarrassed him by revealing that he could bring down the Coalition if he wished (like Samson, one presumes). And then Rrrrrooobbeerrrt Ppppeeeessssttttooon gets a leak (that the Telegraph didn't publish) that Vinnie hates Murdoch and News International (who they behind paywall?) that could prejudice the Business Secretary's actions concerning the takeover of BSkyB. No wonder Twinkletoes is VinnieLeaks, I bet he's pissing himself that Nickie Clegg grows the balls to sack the geriatric pain in the arse - a term now mainly reserved for Tory "Chase Me" MPs.

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