Saturday, 18 December 2010

Throw Another Wind Turbine Blade On The Fire

It's very cold in England because of weather and not because politically-driven global warming has shot its bolt. Thankfully, in the UK we are planning to generate X% of our blackouts from renewable wind power (with capacity payments to foreign-owned producers to install back-up gas and coal-fired stations to take over when the wind doesn't blow and when it's too windy). Two windspeeds are important for turbines, the cut-in speed and the rated speed. The cut in speed is when the turbine starts generating electricity; it's about 7-10 mph. The rated speed is when the turbine generates what it says on the tin; that's between 25-35 mph. Let's see today's windspeeds. And today's temperatures. Oh Christopher Paul-Huhne, you are a silly sausage.

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