Friday, 12 November 2010

Kristallnacht 2010?

How convenient for the BBC and the rest of the sleb-focussed media to miss the anniversary parallel between the National Socialists' Kristallnacht of 9-10 November 1938 and the International Socialists' "Demo-Lition" of much of 30 Millbank on 10 November 2010 using a protest march against increases in university fees as cover. Journos normally love anniversaries to hook a story onto and fill up the allocated space. If the march had been non-political or rightwing inspired, you can bet Al-Beeb would have broacast even the most tenuous links to violence (eg, hunt employee attacked police trucheon repeatedly) wall-to-wall - it's in its charter ( er, no it's not, it's meant to be impartia-hahah-al). Both attacks were undertaken by extreme leftwing militant groups. There the similarity ends because the extent of damage was thankfully on a vastly smaller scale and by good fortune alone the rioters killed nobody in London.
Remember how Boris Johnson's remark that he would not stand for "Kosovo-style social cleansing" in London on his watch was immediately latched onto by the sinistocracy as evidence of how nasty the Tories were for not wanting to spend more than £24,000 per year on rent for benefit claimants? - The Coalition needs to borrow that money to waste on international aid, renewable energy subsidies and the midden that is the EU. Boris claimed that that phrase was taken out of context - I assume he meant that as it was bracketed by the usual bollocks nothing he said ought to be taken seriously. As an aside, if the student denstrators had dressed in Bullingdon Club kit, would a call to the Commisioner from Pater to settle the repair bill have got the rozzers off their coat-tails? How ironic that a man with a far, far better mind than Bojo or Dave was never allowed to explain away his quote from lines 86-87 of Virgil's Aneid. Translation here for those whose memory fails them.