Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Things They Don't Teach In At Law School

Compare the sentences handed down (4 months suspended for 12 months, 300 hours community service, total costa and compensation of £960) to the three thugs who attacked and hospitalised a passenger on a late night train who had the temerity to ask them to quieten down with the sentence given to the infamous Coventry Cat Binner. £1,450 including costs.
I never thought of Ken Clarke as a cat fancier before but as with many things this coalition or, to use the Legal French term, bastard, government is doing or failing to reform, I have my doubts.
Unprovoked attacks on fellow passengers attempting to stop anti-social behaviour is the sort of crime that the Big Society should punish severely as a deterrent. Prisons are for thugs and thieving politicians.

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