Saturday, 28 August 2010

MP Comes Out

In an emotional pay-per-view statement this afternoon, Conservative/LibDem/Labour MP Crispy Duck revealed that he was leaving his partner of twenty years after admitting that he preferred money. "I love money, the folding stuff, the coins, even the numbers on my bank statement and I feel I should be more honest with myself. What I earn goes further if I don't have to share it. " He claimed that there was no third party involved, yet Duck has already updated his website with a Paypal donation button. Parliamentary friends on all sides have dismissed critics of Duck as greedybastardphobic and hope that he will be soon able to log back onto the IPSA expenses portal.


Thud said...

I stopped visiting here as the site was blocked...any clues?

Brian said...

Squire Thud,
I temporarily blocked the site when I had an Anna Raccoonesque bit of nastiness from a commenter(since resolved) and gave the blog a holiday. Glad to see you're back in Wirral working miracles on your latest restoration project.