Monday, 23 August 2010

Mail on Sunday Doesn't Know Hurricanes From Spitfires

The Mail on Sunday took great pleasure at the BBC's mistake of posting a photo of Bell Airacobras in RAF markings instead of Supermarine Spitfires as part of its Battle of Britain 70th Anniversary stand or whatever the term is.
Unfortunately, the Mail on Sunday included this photo in its online version:

Anybody can see that there are a pair of Hurricanes, a Piper Aztec and a pair of Spitfires.
So that's the Mail on Sunday as well as the Times that can't caption photos (unless of celebs) properly. And they ignored three attempts to correct their gormless error. For the stupid, Spitfires had unmistakeable elliptical shaped wings. Hurricanes had the pilot sitting in a dog kennel. Doesn't any child build Airfix kits anymore?


Thud said...

I've about a hundred unmade kits upstairs...I need to get cracking.

Gallimaufry said...

What, buying more? There's always room for a bigger kit stash. I've got kits of every Spitfire and Hurricane mark, enough kits to build a squadron of each, plus enough Gnats and Hunters for the Red Arrows, Black Arrows and Yellowjacks, plus the other kits. When I grow up I'm going to build them!:-)

JuliaM said...

Airfix kits?! Toxic glue, little tiny parts in easily swallowable plastic, supporting the military-industrial complex..?

I'm sure little Tamsin and Jethro will enjoy their hand-crafted sustainable wood authentically-ethnic spinning tops instead.

Brian said...
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