Thursday, 19 August 2010

If Only British Petroleum Had Gone Retro

Prez Barack Obama took great pleasure resurrecting the old British part of (40% American) BP so that he could blame it for every little drop of oil added to the oil already spilled on the Gulf Coast by American oil companies (always innocent according to the nth Amendment). He was "gonna to keep his boot on British Petroleum's neck." Such an ignorant phrase and it wasn't even Mel Gibson (Bigot, Braveheart or Patriot) ranting against us.
Compare his Anglophobia with his dhimmitude displayed in his Cairo surrender speeech or the hypocritical Mosque next to the Twin Towers "Some Religions Are More Equal" speech.
If British Petroleum had renamed itself Anglo-Persian Oil Company would Shyster, Flywheel & Shyster, Attorneys at Law of Chicago still expect their legal fees to come from a $32billion ransom pot or one of $16 billion?


Thud said...

I am still enjoying the embarressed silence here amongst former vocla obama cultists.

Gallimaufry said...

Don't forget that I gave him the benefit of the doubt when he was elected. :-( He's just like most politicians with the extra debit of being foreign. If only America could produce another Harry S Truman and England a Clement Atlee (probably more of a proper Conservative than Cleggeron).

Thud said...

At least you are honest about your girst opinion of the O, others are rather silent on their support.