Saturday, 28 August 2010

MP Comes Out

In an emotional pay-per-view statement this afternoon, Conservative/LibDem/Labour MP Crispy Duck revealed that he was leaving his partner of twenty years after admitting that he preferred money. "I love money, the folding stuff, the coins, even the numbers on my bank statement and I feel I should be more honest with myself. What I earn goes further if I don't have to share it. " He claimed that there was no third party involved, yet Duck has already updated his website with a Paypal donation button. Parliamentary friends on all sides have dismissed critics of Duck as greedybastardphobic and hope that he will be soon able to log back onto the IPSA expenses portal.

Monday, 23 August 2010

Mail on Sunday Doesn't Know Hurricanes From Spitfires

The Mail on Sunday took great pleasure at the BBC's mistake of posting a photo of Bell Airacobras in RAF markings instead of Supermarine Spitfires as part of its Battle of Britain 70th Anniversary stand or whatever the term is.
Unfortunately, the Mail on Sunday included this photo in its online version:

Anybody can see that there are a pair of Hurricanes, a Piper Aztec and a pair of Spitfires.
So that's the Mail on Sunday as well as the Times that can't caption photos (unless of celebs) properly. And they ignored three attempts to correct their gormless error. For the stupid, Spitfires had unmistakeable elliptical shaped wings. Hurricanes had the pilot sitting in a dog kennel. Doesn't any child build Airfix kits anymore?

Thursday, 19 August 2010

If Only British Petroleum Had Gone Retro

Prez Barack Obama took great pleasure resurrecting the old British part of (40% American) BP so that he could blame it for every little drop of oil added to the oil already spilled on the Gulf Coast by American oil companies (always innocent according to the nth Amendment). He was "gonna to keep his boot on British Petroleum's neck." Such an ignorant phrase and it wasn't even Mel Gibson (Bigot, Braveheart or Patriot) ranting against us.
Compare his Anglophobia with his dhimmitude displayed in his Cairo surrender speeech or the hypocritical Mosque next to the Twin Towers "Some Religions Are More Equal" speech.
If British Petroleum had renamed itself Anglo-Persian Oil Company would Shyster, Flywheel & Shyster, Attorneys at Law of Chicago still expect their legal fees to come from a $32billion ransom pot or one of $16 billion?

Thursday, 12 August 2010

A Modest Proposal

Pakistan has been flooded. Pakistan has nuclear weapons. The UN wants nuclear disarmament. Why doesn't the UN arrange a purchase of Pakistan's nuclear weapons stockpile in return for increased emergency aid from donor nations and ask the US to transport it to its reprocessing facility (as was done with some Soviet warheads)? India can then reduce its stockpile (unless it fears China as much as Pakistan) and money can be spent by Pakistan and India on their poor instead of their inferiority complexes. Simples.