Saturday, 24 July 2010

That Special Relationship Nonsense

Dave Cameron is quite right and quite wrong. He thinks we are the junior partner, the Americans know that we are their servants. The US Senate invited Jack Straw and two Scotch chaps to give evidence at a hearing, ie get a verbal pummelling, which they wisely refused. Note the attitude of our American Pardners on attending inquests etc. First rule of the American legal system is an American is always innocent if the other party ain't American.
I would like to see politicians account for their lobbying to secure the early release of convicted terrorist murderers in order to gain political and trade benefits. But would Prez Bill Clinton and the tormented soul of Ted Kennedy among many others turn up to answer questions on the 1997 Belfast Agreement and its prisoner release scheme? No, didn't think so either.
But just remember that almost as many people were killed during the Northern Irish Troubles by terrorists as died on 9 September 2001. And in which country were the Noraid collecting tins rattled?

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James Higham said...

It's certainly one way.