Thursday, 22 July 2010

So That's Why They Were Called The Few

Photo creditTMWolf cc-by-sa-2.0

This is a P-40 Warhawk of the USAAC returning from a successful sortie (5 kills for this aircraft alone using only 20 rounds of ammunition) against 250 Lutwaffe Heinkel He-113s on 22 July 1940. The 20 Wings of fighters that America provided prevented Operation Seelowe after RAF aircraft had "their asses whupped."

Dave has said that in 1940 Britain was the junior party with America fighting the Nazis. While I appreciate that he may have been diplomatically, pouring oil on troubled waters to flatter our cousins across the "pond " in order to divert blame from the Jocks' release of the only person convicted of the Pan-Am Bombing* and the Great BP Gulf of Mexico Oil Leak (not the other one) which, thankfully, due to the efficacy of the newly-installed cap may actually have been the fault of American contractors, that crass statement from an Oxford PPE First would barely merit a D at GCSE.

Just like us, Americans like their myth of winning the Second World War, and in the Pacific, and Western Europe from July 1944 onwards they did indeed, In addition, America was the "Arsenal of Democracy" (and the Soviet Union) but only after bankrupting Britain by demanding cash for arms. Apprently, to get round the strict neutrality laws passed to satisfy isolationists and pro-Nazi Fenians, Lockheed Hudson patrol bombers had to be towed a short distance across the border to Canada by a horse. And how fortunate that Dave apparently knew nothing of the Tizard Mission of September 1940 that gifted America Britain's most advanced technology.

And of course Hollywood has always had Americans winning the war for, often unwilling and incompetent. Britons ever since Errol Flynn sorted things out in Burma (a big thank you from the 14th Army) and Ben Affleck taught Fighter Command to fly dirty in the Battle of Britain section of the dire Pearl Harbor ( why not Perl or Purl for consistency?)

In 1944, Chindits commanded by Brigadier Mike Calvert captured the important Burmese town of Mogaung from the Japanese. For political reasons, American General Stilwell's HQ credited the Nationalist Chinese. On hearing this, Calvert signalled that the Chindits had taken umbrage. Stilwell's staff officers scoured their maps for several hours in vain looking for somewhere called Umbrage.

So Dave, after you've given yourself and Sam a pat on the back for giving Obama a graffiti "artwork" why don't you read about the Battle of Britain on the brilliant Days of Glory blogexe?

*As the Pan-Am 747 was allegedly blown up in retaliation for the shooting down by an American Aegis-class cruiser of an Iranian airliner, it's always puzzled me why Libya picked up the murder contract when terrorism is about the only thing that just about every Middle-Eastern government can do themselves without hiring foreign contractors.

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