Saturday, 12 June 2010

Is This Why Obama Is Buck Shifting And Nagging BP?

Apparently the US Navy has mislaid/ is temporarily unsure of the exact whereabouts of four underwater target drones. So there's no chance of them sorting the oil spill problem out in the Gulf of Mexico. Unlike in all the Hollywood disaster films there isn't a secret US facility paid for with "black budget" money where a group of mavericks have built a super vehicle from a titanium-kevlar composite that will save the day for Apple Pie. There's nobody chomping (ruining) a cigar and "kicking ass" or being cruel to donkeys as English speakers say. No, the biggest superpower has to rely on ordinary American oil workers headquartered in Houston (BP America) to do at 5,000 ft underwater what oil workers struggled to do at 150 ft thirty one years ago when the Ixtoc 1 rig toppled over. That was eventually capped and sorted and the polllution cleaned up. The problem this time may be that American fishing boats may have over-exploited the fish stocks and thereby prevented nature repairing itself. But there aren't many votes pointing that out. Here's a bit of leadership Obama: tell Americans to drive smaller cars that use less petrol. Simples.

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