Monday, 7 June 2010

How Very Dare They

I was rather surprised to read in today's Mail on Sunday that the Prime Minister intended to appoint John Browne, aka Lord Browne of Madingley, as a "Super-Director" to oversee expenditure cuts and bring in private sector methods to the public sector to save £billions. That's this Lord Browne. The same chap who was excused a perjury trial for lying about how he met his former boyfriend. The trial Judge, Mr Justice Eady said "I am not prepared to make allowances for a 'white lie' told to the court in circumstances such as these - especially by a man who prays in aid of his reputation and distinction, and refers to the various honours he has received under the present government, when asking the court to prefer his account of what took place." The matter was not referred to the Attorney General, in contrast to the Archer and Aitken perjury cases and subsequent spells in chokey, cases because disclosure was "probably sufficient punishment". The disclosure that a life peer lied under oath was not sufficient to prevent the noble lord 's appointment as head of a government committee into university tuition fees by the equally honourable Lord Mandlevort.
Which leads one to ask if there is one law for us and other laws for them. If you were to ask me my opininion I would have to say that Lord Browne is an extremely capable person of impeachable honesty and integrity. I learned that from reading about Lord Browne.

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