Friday, 18 June 2010

Foolproof Lawn Care

Before. Note the carefully selected mix of grasses, weeds and moss.
I've spent the last two days applying Evergreen Complete 4 in 1 to the lawns of Gallimaufry Towers. I can honestly say that application was as easy as walking up and down the lawn holding a plastic box by its handle. Refilling the spreader with Evergreen from the refill bag was easy, just read the instructions and take care. I watered the Evergreen in with a hose straight after application as rain wasn't forecast and by this morning large patches of moss had turned black. I'll rake that out in a fortnight's time. Next thing to look out for is the broadleaved weeds like dandelions, buttercups and clover growing beyond their energy in the weeks ahead. I'll give any stubborn survivors a stop treatment of Verdone. Then it's a matter of encouraging the grass to fill in the gaps so I might selectively reseed. Whatever happens, I'll increase the mower height.

After two days the moss has turned black and died. The weeds already appear to be growing vigorously.

Photos will be uploaded progressively. I bought the Evergreen Complete from Amazon and Wilkinsons but and good DIY/garden centre should stock it.

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