Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Bring Our Brave Boys Home From South Africa

Ninety-two weeks into the World Cup competition, our brave and highly trained Ingerland soccer players have endured high-altitude and hot temperatures and suffered countless painful injuries. Despite the World Cup being vital to our national interests, no additional spending has been authorised by either the FA or the British government to counter the deadly vuvuleza horn or the lethal jabulane footerball designed to render only Ingerlish footballers incapable of playing above Sunday Pub League standard. Moreover, the cunning FIFA rules mean that Ingerlish players are unable to use the tactics that makes the Ingerlish Premier League Division One the best in the world for footer fans: instead of being in a team with eight or nine other foreign players, our highly skilled Italian coach has to pick eleven (!) Ingerlish players for the Ingerlish side. No foreigners are allowed! And the say that football kicks out racism. Amazingly, "Fabulous" Fabio as he was called until our world beating players arrived in South Africa, is criticized for not publishing the list of players until two hours before kick-off. Given the resources, I would be stick sucking my pencil after the extra time whistle blew.

Bring Our Brave Boys Home From South Africa!

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