Tuesday, 8 June 2010

And You Wouldn't Be Working For Me Either Barack Old Fruit.

Lovable Barack Obama is angry that BP hasn't tidied up its mess as quickly as he could have done. He reckons, in his American donkey-bottom fixated way that the CEO of BP isn't up to the job. Let's put to one side for a moment the facts that the manufacturer of the blowout preventer and the owner of the oil rig that BP leased are American.
Remind me, POTUS, C-in-C of the world's only hyperpower, what you have done since you were sworn in (and you bollocked that up) eighteen months ago? Oh yes, you made a surrender speech to muslims in Cairo and in return for that a Nigerian blew his balls off on an American airliner and a US Army psychiatrist murdered 13 people on an army base. Iran and North Korea are even more dangerous. Well worth the No Balls Peace Prize you were given after five minutes in the job. Will the committe want it back after reading about this Amnesty report on Yemen? I'll admit that catching that fly was pretty clever.
In short, you have squandered your opportunity as President and have sought to spread the blame on other people to save your own skin. Not very impressive.
I would sack you straight away but with your American legal training behind you I would be tied up at a tribunal and forced to pay you £thousands in damages for wrongful dismissal, hurt feelings, discrimination and Uncle Tom Cobleigh and all. So, I'd probably give you a flash title, an ofice and appoint you to carry out a meaningless time-consuming project to keep you out of harm's way. Like the American voters did.


Thud said...

O'barmy has never had a job nor any experience of how the work of business functions...as a community organiser of decidedly hard leftist opinions the chance to take down a capitalist icon is just perfect.

Gallimaufry said...

And he is advised by like-minded college dreamers.