Tuesday, 22 June 2010

American Oil Spill

Update 25 June 2010: re Bhopal, it would appear Obuma's vitriolic attacks against BP has roused Indian public opinion against Union Carbide . I wonder if America will allow a level playing field?


Engage said...

Hi, nice piece. The companies like BP should be penalized heavily. It should give a clear message to all other companies that if you mess up with environment you are going to face such heavy penalties.
I am very sad about people in India, Bhopal victims. They died of methyl isocyanate 25 years ago and are still fighting for justice. Mr. Sanjay Puri has written good and short article about Bhopal tragedy and BP's tragedy and has compared these two mishaps.


heritage listed said...

To put BP's responsiblity into perspective let's look at this scenario Ashish -

You own a courier company, with your own vehicles which you service and operate. I lease your vehicle and your staff to locate and bring to me a large parcel for which I will pay a large sum of money on receipt.

Due to your lack of maintenence, and your incompetence your vehicle has a serious malfunction causing a horrific accident - and I (the lessee) am held culpably responsible. You avoid all blame.

Have I got that right????

Gallimaufry said...

Hi heritage listed,
Great comment and great blog (see new link in righthand column). Auberon Waugh once wrote that the American judial system was constitutionally biased against foreigners and upheld the wrongs of Americans against the rest of the world.