Sunday, 30 May 2010

Pink Pounds Talk In Malawi

The Malawian President has pardoned Mrs Dale's martyrs. Looks like the international aid is safe now.
Can he do anything for poor little David Laws? The seven hundred odd civil servants in Coventry working for Becta and QCDA who learned this week that their quangos were closing. They also did their jobs well* but didn't claim for expenses to which they weren't entitled. But they received no sympathy from the self-absorbed ranks of the LibDems and professional gays. Hypocritical? Of course, but they aren't those saints who give their lives in public service (not "Our Boys" who aren't given appropriate kit and training to protect life and limb) our wonderful MPs.


Thud said...

The phrase'pink pound' fills me with dread...I do worry about myself.

Gallimaufry said...

It's the pink stones highlighting my once athletic frame that make me worry about myself when I look in the mirror as I get out of the shower. I must start that diet and exercise regime ... tomorrow.