Saturday, 8 May 2010

A few Election Thoughts

1. A great shame that the Conservatives didn't get a majority but they are partly to blame because of their refusal to ally with UKIP (their votes wouldn't have gone anywhere else) and offer a referendum on the Lisbon Constitution.
2. The Victorian Boundary Commission using 2001 data to set constituency boundaries helped Labour MPs get elected with fewer votes in smaller constituencies.
3. The uberPC Electoral Commission quango which managed, in conjunction with many incompetent Returning Officers, to turn the election for many people in large cities into a farce worthy of the third world. For fusk's cakes, don't they teach contingency planning anymore? A general election is one of those occasions where a bit of waste (too many ballot papers, too many polling stations or polling staff) can be justified. where diversity training and translation services can not.
4. The LibDems will become the institutional party of government. Any other party, if First Past The Post is scrapped will have to get into political bed with them. The third most popular party will end up on top for ever. Any political wonk who wants a job for life will join the LibDems, secure in the knowledge that they will be guaranteed a government or quango job.
5. Proportional Representation will divorce the public from their MP whose loyalty will shift to their party bosses as their job will depend on their place on the party list. Mmmm... Continental machine politics and corruption. The alternative voting methods will favour vanilla, or least disliked candidates who offer the most for the least required. And, as manifestos are not actionable in law, you will not get what you want or expect.
6. Coalition government means that the one person with a vote to decide the government is now Nicholas Clegg whom over 25 million people didn't vote for. That's fair. Not.
7. Think back over the election campaign or futher if you wish and recall all the things the LibDems said about the Tories and vice-versa. And yet they hope to convince themselves and us that they can work together for the good of the country.
8. As nobody has yet commented on it, this country is engaged in a big war in Afghanistan. I hope our lads and lasses were able to vote.

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