Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Gliders! Or Another Ashcloud Solution

Gliders don't have engines. I've examined and discounted the practicalities of using ground-towed Airspeed Horsas for short journeys across the channel. The sink rate of 400ft/minute at 150 mph would require an impractical 12,000ft release height to give a fairly safe 75 mile range without thermal assistance.
However, given that Scottish airspace is ash free at present, why hasn't consideration been given to temporarily diverting civil airliners to RAF Lossiemouth and Kinloss with their 2km plus runways? Both bases are near to Elgin which is on the main intercity rail network. Plus, there are plenty of A roads going south for coaches to use.If something is a priority, action this day is possible.

Sir Winston Churchill, who would see the present situation as an opportunity to sack incompetent wibblers and replace them with people who get things done.


Thud said...

Or perhaps he may have just relaxed in a hot bath with a glass of Hine....the man had taste.

Gallimaufry said...

Indeed. and with a sublime Romeo y Julieta cigar as well. When I smoked I only smoked the best, albeit very infrequently. I would definitely have a couple of boxes as my desert island luxury.
I'm not one to blow my own trumpet, but I do feel that it is more than coincidental that the flight ban was relaxed within an hour of my posting on the subject. ;-)