Monday, 12 April 2010

Election Arithmetic

I heard Alan Johnson being interviewed by Sophie Raworth on the news this lunchtime. He criticised the Conservatives' proposed spending and tax-raising strategy and said that Labour was the only party whose figures added up. Added up? Excuse me, but having to borrow £180 billion annually to fill the gap between tax and spending doesn't mean adding up to me. If I spent £60,000 a year and borrowed £30,000 on my credit cards to afford that standard of living, I wouldn't expect to be praised for my financial acuity, even less could I explain it away on the global recession.
And for the last time Gordon, if you rely on the global recession as an excuse for the UK recession, you must also accept the preceding global boom as the cause of the British boom. Your part in the economy has simply been to double the National Debt. Loser!

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