Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Compulsory Dog Insurance

It seems like a good idea. But then one realises that only law-abiding people will purchase the insurance and have their dogs chipped. The thugs who own attack dogs (often more amenable than their owners, believe me as I interviewed such people and their dogs at the JobCentre) will not buy the insurance just as they avoid car insurance, believing that the chances of being caught are minimal and in the event of being taken to Court (as a result of a host of other crimes) they would not pay the token fine. Instead, insurance premiums for the law-abiding would be hiked up to cover attacks by non-insured dogs and Dog Wardens would be instructed to target forgetful non-aggressive middle class owners on the assumption that they would pay up without a fight.
Yet another stealth tax.
My reasonable suggestion is to microchip thugs and thugesses, get proper Police on the beat monitor them closely and turn the CCTV cameras off.

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