Friday, 12 March 2010

Choo Choo Stupidity

168 wheels good, two wings bad. The morons who run the transport policy in this corner of Euroland (and that includes the Useless Tories and UnLibDems) have just published this abortion on toast of a high speed rail link for Scotch MPs from London to their second, third or fourth hames. One of the "benefits" of splurging £20 billion to compete with the recently upgraded (for a mere £9 billion) West Coast Mainline is that journey times from Birmingham to London in ideal conditions will be cut by 30 minutes to 49 minutes. Whoopidoo! What the fuckwits don't say is whether the last train on the new line will depart later than 11:30pm to enable Midlanders to enjoy the overpriced London Theatres without an Olympic race to Euston once the curtain falls. The funniest thing is the route section south of Coventry. Under Prescottian diktat Warwick District Council and Coventry City Council are required to build x-zillion houses. Very sensibly they plonked the new estate right on the border of Coventry and Warwickshire. Next to the proposed railway route.
Trains are a nineteenth century technology. Aircraft are more economic and more flexible. One final point: thanks to the same anti-carbon religion preached by the trainophiles, UK electricity generating capacity is decreasing and there will be a gap. Hey, let's run the new trains on electricity. Madness.


Michele said...

As well I see that the Scottish MPs are demanding that it continue not only to Edinburgh but also to Glasgow!

Am I right in thinking that a percentage of the cost of this link built in England will automatically flow onto Scotland as a free hand out due to the Barnett formula?

And what's the betting that they will demand that the UK parliament fund the Scottish part as well as receiving the hand out.

Even though transport is a devolved issue I can't see them giving up this windfall; can you?

Gallimaufry said...

Ironically, the current plans only envisage a second stage of new highspeed track up as far as Manchester and Leeds. The existing West and East Coast lines would take the service up to Scotland (insufficient traffic to make investment worthwhile with even massive green fudging?). Or perhaps the Scots want the money for the upgrade in cash instead.
I'm surprised that the Welsh and Northern Irish politicos haven't demanded similar highspeed track to Cardiff and Belfast.

James Higham said...

Abortion on toast. Yummy.