Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Five More Years

It is already like this in the Civil Service and will spread throughout our once free society if David Cameron and the Conservatives do not get a majority. They are not perfect (unlike me) but compared to the alternatives they will slow down or even reverse the current trends. And then Britain can begin to be Great again and England shall be free.

Why Do They Still Call Themselves Honourable Members?

I was foiled in my atttempt to see the Diane Abbott primary school (c)rap* on Youtube because it is now private, ie very embarrassing to one of the Righteous. Remember, you Righteous Troughers that I am a private citizen so repeal the last 13 years of creeping Stasification. Anyway, I discovered this clip on Youtube:

Imagine if someone other than a black female socialist mother of a privately educated child had done the same to Nigel Vaz. The BBC would devote their entire news gathering budget to building a wicker man in which to cremate the "offender".

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Always Read The Instructions On The Superglue Packet

Apply soapy water to the affected area and spin until released.

Friday, 12 March 2010

Choo Choo Stupidity

168 wheels good, two wings bad. The morons who run the transport policy in this corner of Euroland (and that includes the Useless Tories and UnLibDems) have just published this abortion on toast of a high speed rail link for Scotch MPs from London to their second, third or fourth hames. One of the "benefits" of splurging £20 billion to compete with the recently upgraded (for a mere £9 billion) West Coast Mainline is that journey times from Birmingham to London in ideal conditions will be cut by 30 minutes to 49 minutes. Whoopidoo! What the fuckwits don't say is whether the last train on the new line will depart later than 11:30pm to enable Midlanders to enjoy the overpriced London Theatres without an Olympic race to Euston once the curtain falls. The funniest thing is the route section south of Coventry. Under Prescottian diktat Warwick District Council and Coventry City Council are required to build x-zillion houses. Very sensibly they plonked the new estate right on the border of Coventry and Warwickshire. Next to the proposed railway route.
Trains are a nineteenth century technology. Aircraft are more economic and more flexible. One final point: thanks to the same anti-carbon religion preached by the trainophiles, UK electricity generating capacity is decreasing and there will be a gap. Hey, let's run the new trains on electricity. Madness.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Compulsory Dog Insurance

It seems like a good idea. But then one realises that only law-abiding people will purchase the insurance and have their dogs chipped. The thugs who own attack dogs (often more amenable than their owners, believe me as I interviewed such people and their dogs at the JobCentre) will not buy the insurance just as they avoid car insurance, believing that the chances of being caught are minimal and in the event of being taken to Court (as a result of a host of other crimes) they would not pay the token fine. Instead, insurance premiums for the law-abiding would be hiked up to cover attacks by non-insured dogs and Dog Wardens would be instructed to target forgetful non-aggressive middle class owners on the assumption that they would pay up without a fight.
Yet another stealth tax.
My reasonable suggestion is to microchip thugs and thugesses, get proper Police on the beat monitor them closely and turn the CCTV cameras off.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

What Is The Point: Working In Britain

I read this article in today's Times with interest as I watched the "flamboyant" Evan Davis's recent programme about how immigrant workers actually don't take jobs from British unemployed workers because the latter either don't want them or are unreliable and lazy.

One Latvian, Jolnta, works 8-12 hour shifts in a freezer packing salads. She is paid the £5.80 minimum wage and sometimes is only hired three days a week. Jolnta met another Latvian:

"Iveta Suna, at Parca. She helped her to apply for housing benefits and tax credits that she didn’t realise she could claim. “In my country benefits are very low,” Jolnta says. “Here I think we can get £170 a week in benefits, plus wages.” "

I don't begrudge anyone being eligible for housing and council tax benefits and tax credits when they are earning the minimum wage. I consider it the economics of the madhouse that poor people are paid the minimum possible which is then topped up with taxpayers' money to a living wage by an expensive and cumbersome bureaucratic system in order to subsidise the profits of packing companies and private landlords.

Mandelson and the Britannia Mortage Scandal

Back in 1998/1999 Peter Mandelson, Geoffrey Robinson and Charlie Whelan all resigned as a result of this scandal. Why did they do so if no wrong had been committed? I'm not implying anything as any Labour resignation is A Good Thing in my book.