Sunday, 7 February 2010

The Iraq Inquiry: Rt Hon John Prescott MP

Isn't it odd that the Deputy Prime Minister from 2 May 1997 to 27 June 2007 and Deputy Leader of the Labour Party from 21 July 1994 to 24 June 2007 has not yet given evidence to the Chilcott Inquiry? Is he scheduled to? If Tony Blair had fallen under a bus his Deputy would have taken over until the appointment of a permanent successor. The Deputy would therefore be routinely copied into all important minutes and discussions. Instead it appears that John Prescott was out of the loop - perhaps Tony Blair was worried that John "being John" might fly out to Baghdad and attempt to deck Saddam before the war started and so put him in charge of the biscuits for meetings.
Is a new book, provisionally titled Iraq: I Knew Buggerall , being ghost-written as I write?
Update 27 July The Lord Prescott will attend the inquiry on Friday morning 30 July. I will listen to his testimony with bated breath.
Update 30 July The Lord Prescott had doubts about the intelligence but he didn't know enough to understand it properly so he let it pass. Never agree to anything you don't understand, Mr Pies, as you're probably being sold a timeshare villa. Still, the cost of the Deputy PM's ignorance is only other peoples's lives and money, so that's ok.

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