Saturday, 6 February 2010

Climate Change On Pluto

According to this BBC report of NASA's recent findings from its Hubble space telescope, Pluto the dwarf planet is undergoing seasonal changes (Pluto has a 248 year long year) causing its north pole to melt and south pole to freeze. Mysteriously, the change is not due to plant food (CO2) produced by British coal-fired power stations but instead to IR radiation from the sun breaking up frozen methane. Why can't it be global warming /climate change?*

Slightly off topic, why hasn't the brilliant Dr Richard North of EURefendum been cheered to the rafters for his pivotal role in publicising Climategate, Glaciergate and Pachygate? The MSM, when they eventually woke up to the scandals, first claimed the stories as their own (because only journalists can find out news) but then began to fete other equally deserving bloggers but omitted "Not D.". He deserves to be honoured for this success alone, but North also highlighted the deficiencies of Army kit in Afghanistan years before the bandwagon started rolling. And all that on top of exposing the wickedness of the EU.

Off topic again why doesn't David Cameron double his shaky opinion poll lead by copying some of the policies of the Liberal Party of Australia? Sometimes I wonder if the Shadow Cabinet want to lose so they can make money from carbon offset trading and state subsidised green tech companies to make up for the lost opportunities from parliamentary expenses.

*Apparently, climate change requires the secondary movement of large quantities of money in a West-East and North-South direction.

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